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The purpose of the MnGCA is to provide a resource for Minnesota geocachers to organize activities and events that will improve the credibility of the sport, protect our natural resources and strengthen the community of geocachers in the state of Minnesota. Our responsibilities include holding educational, social and informational activities to increase awareness of our sport; to sponsor reports, meetings, and workshops for MnGCA members and the public on a wide area of topics, primarily about responsible land use and geocaching; and to work with local, county, and state governments to promote geocaching as a family-oriented outdoor activity.

Congratulations to TheGCDoc for creating GCDOCtor Who - February 2016 Cache of the Month

Congratulations TheGCDoc

The January 2016 Cache of the Month is GCDOCtor Who
nominated by butcherandswimmer & sparkyfry

butcherandswimmer wrote:
GC5EBRN GCDOCor Who https://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC5EBRN&title=gcdo...

By the TheGCDoc

2015 MnGCA coins are now ready!

The 2015 MnGCA coins featuring Alvin's Phone Line are now ready to be ordered. You can also purchase the coins in person at Halloween Hoopla XI MEGA event or any upcoming Breakfast Buddies. To reserve your coin now, please use the following link:


2015 MnGCA Board Election Results


Thank you to all the outgoing board members, AerosmithPA, tonkamn, and BigChiefS4, for your involvement this past year. It is greatly appreciated!

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