Helpful hints for hiding a cache

Ah, Minnesota. We have Over 10,000 beautiful lakes, 86,943 square miles, 5.3 million residents, 4 individually diverse seasons, and over 18,000 active geocaches. Minnesotans take pride in their state and the recreation opportunities it provides, and geocaching is rapidly becoming a popular activity by and for Minnesotans, and those who visit us. We take pride in our parks and wild lands, and the MnGCA strives to improve the credibility of the sport of geocaching, protect our natural resources, and strengthen the community of geocachers in the state of Minnesota. Visitors and residents alike have an amazing opportunity to explore Minnesota through our active geocaching community.

There are many geocaches that have shown you to a place you may have never visited before, left you with a fun story to tell, been creative hides, or that were just plain fun. However, we may be able to identify cache experiences that were confusing or frustrating. Perhaps you could use a hint, but there is none. Or, you realize that there might be concerns about permissions and safer hides. While creating, maintaining and seeking geocaches, using available rating tools and some helpful hints can make the experience great for every cache you hide and seek.
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