Congratulations to TheCachin8tor for creating Judgement Day - November 2012's Cache of the Month

Congratulations TheCachin8tor!!!
The November 2012 Cache of the Month is GC3ABGG: Judgement Day

Nominated By: LabguyMN
It's a 9 stage multi that includes puzzles, an appreciable hike, knowledge of decryption, planning, teamwork and is just plain fun. The Cachin8tor has outdone himself with the planning, ingenuity and a considerable investment for us to enjoy an epic cache. Most of all this cache managed to keep two 12 year old boys interested for over 3 hours- even guessing what the next stage might be. For me this cache is what I thought geocaching would be about when I first heard about it years ago. A day in the woods spent with family and/or friends searching for treasure. This cache is all that and more.

A second nomination this month was also received for GC3ABGG: Judgement Day
Nominated By: yellowdogs
This 9 stage multi cache is very well done from start to finish. Each stage is something very different and tests skills on many levels. There is a story that goes along with each stage that makes it very fun. This is the coolest cache that I have encountered to date!

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