Congratulations to seldon for creating The Gauntlet - Child's Play - August 2012's Cache of the Month

The August 2012 Cache of the Month is GC2T2RB: The Gauntlet - Child's Play
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A-body nominated the cache and said “I'd like to nominate The Gauntlet - Child's Play by Seldon


This is a well executed 6 stage multi in the beautiful Canon River Wilderness Area between Northfield and Faribault. Like the title says, child's play, all the stages could be completed by a child yet still challenging for an adult. It involves a 3 mile hike, and approx 3 hours of your time, but talk to anyone that has completed the "gauntlet" and all will agree that this is a must do. There are also 2 other gauntlet multi's in this park along with about 30 other caches so there is plenty to do."

Congratulations to seldon as well as all those that were nominate!