Spring Membership Meeting - Saturday, May 19, 2012

The MNGCA 2012 Spring Event was held at Kensington Runestone Park southwest of Alexandria.
Approximately 75 people were in attendance.

Mrs Mizzou called the general meeting to order at 2pm.

Everyone was thanked for attending. Special thanks were given to the Committee and volunteers: MamaDuck-24, WestSideDaddy, BigChiefS4, RedDevil_35, EPMinnesota, Girldog, LoneEagle24, Qwerty1234, Mrs Mizzou. PapaDuck-24 and MrsRamsey63 were given a hearty round of applause for their grilling skills.

The winner of the 2012 T-shirt was announced. Girldog is this year's winner. She was awarded a T-shirt and Winner coin donated by NOSNOW.

The Medallion was won by LilBeardy and Tammy12.

Hangman was won by Dogsoft.

Kick the Can had several winners in various categories: Closest: Cooperfish, Furthest: Catzilla. Child winner was Kayla.

The Turkey shoot was won by Fens (adult), and JacobM (child). MrsRamsey63 had the poorest showing.

Creative cache winners: Most creative: Followhim, Best craftmanship: LilBeardy, Best Cammo: RedDevil_35.

Upcoming events to keep in mind: Breakfast Buddies, usually the last Saturday of the month. Grand Marais May 26.
Pizza Night June 9 in Redwood Falls
A combined event with the North Dakota geocaching association in Grand Forks and East Grand Forks on July 21
2 Poker events: one in the Twin Cities and one in Duluth
Sir_Zman is hosting a Tech Event the last Saturday in July in Oakdale.
There is also a 'Surprise' event in the planning stages. Be sure to keep your eyes open.

Things to think about: Fall elections to the Board will be at the Fall Event, with mail-in voting available. Want more out of the organization? Why not run for a Board position or get involved in the planning committees. There are usually several volunteer opportunities available in the Forum.

Questions from the membership: PearHead asked about the budget of the Association. Where are we at on funds, and what are the plans for those fund?. The Board will review the situation and bring forth. There need to be better guidelines for Association sponsorship of members' events.
What is a user and what is a voting member? Any one can be a user of the MNGCA website. To be a member, one must be over the age of 18 and a resident of Minnesota. Those are also the requirements for voting, along with checking the boxes at the bottom of your profile page. More information will be posted on the front page as we get ready to start Board nominations for the Fall elections.

Mrs Mizzou urged people to buy their 2012 MNGCA coins, cachekinz, and T-shirts.

Please clean up your own food that you brought for the event. and help with the general clean up of the venue.

Meeting ended at approximately 2:40pm