Cuyuna Lakes GeoNuts Passport Challenge II Ends Oct. 31st!!

That's right! The GeoNuts are back with another challenge! If you visited our communities last year, we hope you enjoyed our challenge and that you will be back this year to have some more fun in our red dirt and clear waters.

This year's challenge will consist of three separate release dates. Ten unique geocaches will be released on each date. Are you up for the challenge?

Load up the kayak or canoe, grab the bike and hiking boots, gather the family and get ready for some great adventures!

Cache release dates:

• June 8, 2012 - Series I Release

• July 28, 2012 - Series II Release

• August 10, 2012 - Series III Release

But don't just come for the caches. Check out our events page for lots of great events happening in our communities! Each of our releases coincide with a local family-friendly event.

Visit our website for all the details!