(City) Eden Prairie

Eden Prairie updated their guidelines in early February to remove the requirement to register the cache with Eden Prairie. The updated guidelines are below:

1. Geocaching is permitted in specific parks and conservation areas of the City of Eden Prairie with an approved permit. (See Geocache Location Map)
2. Caches must be registered www.geocaching.com.
3. Caches must have the name of the cache on the exterior.
4. Park use hours (6 a.m. – 10 p.m.) apply to those hiding or seeking a cache.
5. Caches must not be buried.
6. Caches cannot contain items that are offensive, dangerous or perishable.
7. Caches must be at least 1/10 mile or 528 feet apart.
8. Unregistered caches will be removed by the City of Eden Prairie.
9. The City of Eden Prairie reserves the right to remove caches that are causing undue impact on park habitat.
10. Caches are not permitted in play areas, beaches, or off-leash dog use areas.
11. Caches will not be permitted in the following park areas:
* Birch Island Park
* Birch Island Woods Conservation Area
* Cummins-Grill Homestead
* Eden Prairie Community Center
* Edenwood Center
* Flying Cloud Athletic Fields
* Red Rock Conservation Area
* Riley-Jacques Farmstead Area
* Timber Creek Conservation Area
12. Caches within the following conservation areas must be located within 25 feet of an established trail:
* Cardinal Creek Conservation Area
* Edenbrook Conservation Area
* Lower Purgatory Creek Conservation Area
* Mitchell Marsh Conservation Area
* Prairie Bluff Conservation Area
* Purgatory Creek Park
* Richard T. Anderson Conservation Area
* Riley Creek Conservation Area
* Westgate Conservation Area