Fall Membership Meeting 10/15/11

Fall Membership Meeting 10/15/11

Meeting called to order at 2:10.

Board Members present:
minnesotabrad (Brad)
EPMinnesota (Carol)
Red_Devil35 (Kirsten)
Mrs. Mizzou (Teri)

Brad opened the meeting my thanking the Fall Event Committee for an excellent event.

Brad gave a brief update on the new caching policy in Blaine. The Blaine policy is very restrictive and their requirements for placing a cache can be found on the MnGCA website or on the website for the City of Blaine. Through email discussions it has been explained that there hadn’t been any issues in Blaine that required a policy, but that Blaine saw other communities with a geocaching policy and adopted one of its own. Blaine has been very open to talking about the policy and there is hope that it will be amended.

Carol gave an update on the Eden Prairie geocaching policy. The biggest issue with the current requirements has been the length of time to have the location approved after application has been made. Several MnGCA members attended a recent meeting with the Eden Prairie reviewer, Stu, and his boss, Jay to discuss issues and possible changes in the policy. They seemed very open to listening to the membership and considering the requests to amend the policy – the main goal to eliminate the application requirement to Eden Prairie by giving more information on restricted areas to the geocaching.com reviewers. This week Jay sent a response to those attending the meeting. They would like to add geocaching to a park that now has available trails and consider a six month trial period with approval by geocaching.com the only requirement. The goal is to make Eden Prairie a geocaching destination for individuals and events.

Brad added – if you live in these communities, attend the meetings. You are a taxpayer. Let them know how you want these parks to be used.

Brad thanked the Board Members for their service over the past year.

Brad thanked the membership for electing him to the Board – he has enjoyed being on the Board, but three years is enough. (Several anonymous comments were heard in the background regarding his retirement.) Brad also challenged the membership to become more involved in the MnGCA through committees or serving on the Board themselves.

The general membership provided comments:
No update on the geocaching policy of Dakota County.
Request to have everyone help the Fall Event Committee clear/clean the pavilion.
Upcoming events.

Voting Results:

Mrs. Mizzou – 80 votes

jackofalltrades001 – 35 votes
sir_zman – 45 votes

MamaDuck-24 – 79 votes

qwerty2582 – 79 votes

Member at Large:
WestSideDaddy – 19 votes
EPMinnesota – 45 votes
Uffda320 – 14 votes

80 total ballots cast – 35 via absentee

Meeting adjourned at 2:30

Event photo taken and prizes handed out.

Creative Cache Contest:
Winners (tie): Red_Devil35 and Rustynails

Kick the Can:
Winners: hatlevip (adult) MNDove (child)

Guess the Contents of the Peanut Butter Jar:
No correct guesses – drawing for winner: MnArtGirl

Turkey Shoot:
Winner (closest): WoodyJr
“Winner” (furthest): foundunicorn

Medallion Hunt:
Winner: X51hz

Winner (closest): Merry (of Pippen and Merry)
“Winner” (furthest): Troutonthebrain