(Other) Springbrook Nature Center (Fridley)

The Springbook Nature Center now has rules to follow while caching:

1. Springbrook Nature Center permits geocaching in its boundaries.
2. Caches must not be buried and must be accessible when the geocacher has both feet on the ground.
3. Caches must be public. No member-only or subscription caches are allowed.
4. Caches must be placed so that existing trails can be used to get close to the cache. All caches must be placed within 1/10 mile of existing asphalt or mowed trails.
5. Placement of geocaches within the maintained landscape plantings is prohibited.
6. Geocache registrations must be mailed to the Springbrook Nature Center using the Springbrook registration form.
7. Geocaches must not contain items that are offensive, dangerous or illegal.
8. Access to geocaches will be subject to the Springbrook policies, including hours of operation, designated trail uses, maintenance standards and natural resource management activities.
9. Springbrook retains the right to remove a cache when it’s in an inappropriate location, or if it is not registered with the Nature Center.
10. Each person may place a maximum of 3 caches within Springbrook Nature Center. No more than 20 caches will be allowed within Springbrook at one time.
11. Geocaches must be relocated or removed within 12 months of placement. This ensures new caches and locations are available for new geocacher challenges

The registration form can be found here.