Spring Membership Meeting - 6/4/11

MnGCA Spring Membership Meeting held June 4, 2011

Board Members present:
minnesotabrad (Brad)
Red_Devil35 (Kirsten)
Mrs. Mizzou (Teri)

Meeting started sometime around 2:30.

Minnesotabrad led the meeting:

Thanks to the Spring Event Committee for the event planning and organization.

Thanks for Butcher for the meat and volunteering to prepare it.

Thanks to all the businesses, organizations and individuals who donated prizes.

The extra MnGCA shirts/sweatshirts ordered and available at the Event were going fast.

Upcoming events mentioned – various breakfast buddies, pizza, etc.

The design for the window clings has been accepted and is in production. These will have the MnGCA logo and will be trackable. At this time the best way to order one is to contact a board member.

The Fall Event/Election is coming up and the Board is looking for volunteers for the Event Committee. Reminder that only members can vote at the fall election and only one vote per name. (Example: If you cache under the name Team MnMizzou you would need to have separate MnGCA names – MnMizzou and Mrs. Mizzou – for both of you to vote in the election.)

Brief discussion about the growing popularity of geocaching. There are more local groups springing up that are also putting on events. There are also more groups (boy scouts, 4-H) that are becoming more involved in geocaching or are reaching out to geocachers to get them started. Reminder that the better we are as stewards of geocaching the better it is for the entire sport.

Reminder to the general membership to let the MnGCA Board know if anyone hears of a local government organization working on a geocaching policy. We can work together to put forth the positives of the sport and the history of previous policies that have been tried.

Also let the MnGCA Board know of any issues with law enforcement. This is another area where a little education on what to expect in a geocaching container can save a lot of time and money.

Reminder note to think things through before placing a cache. Consider the appropriate size and difficulty of the hide along with the sensitivity of the area. Also consider the area when finding a hide. There is no reason to destroy an entire area for a smiley.

A few things brought up by members:

Springbook Nature Center had a cache too far off the trail. They are trying to promote geocaching there so stay within their requirements.

Ramsey—there have been several contacts with police in the area.

Reference made to adopting caches rather than completely archiving them—particularly for older or special caches.

Meeting ended before 3pm.

Event Games Winners:

Medallion Hunt: Mocrin

Hangman: Eskoclimber

Committee Nametag Puzzle: Shadow’s Friend

Timed Event: Bluedevs33

What’s in the Peanut Butter Jar: Team Yellow Dogs

Creative Cache Contest: Minnesotabrad

Turkey Shoot: (closest) WestSideDaddy
(waaaaay off) 3humphs

Kick the Can: (closest) Hunter5
(waaaaay off) 3humphs

Clean up the Temps: Bluedevs33