Fall Membership Meeting - 10/16/10

Meeting called to order at 2:07pm

Board Members Present
MinnesotaBrad (Brad)
andrewmcc (Andrew)
EPMinnesota (Carol)
Red_Devil35 (Kirsten)
speedysk1 (Shawn)

Brad opened the meeting thanking the fall event committee for such a great event. Much fun was had by all. The food and games were great.

Brad thanked the board members that would not be returning next year, andrewmcc and speedysk1.

Brad talked about working with Dakota County on their new geocaching policy. He noted they have been a difficult to work with. Shawn noted that a reason for that is they keep changing the people we were contacting about the policy. We will continue to work with them and hope to improve things.

Andrew is continuing his work with the state parks. Andrew noted that the State parks will be combining with the state trail group. He doesn't yet know what that will mean for geocaching, but it was a good sign that they are asking him to the negotiation table.

Brad mentioned the new policy in Maple grove that should make it easier to place caches as they removed most of their guidelines. Thanks to all that helped with that.

Question from the membership about Three Rivers and if the new .25 distance rule would remain. Speedysk1 said it would as their compromise with us on the max caches per park was to set the distance limit.

Question from the membership about if the DNR land would be opened to geocaching? Brad and Andrew didn't think so, but said the board would look into it.

Member Tesser gave a quick talk about the new Maplewood passport program for geocaching. It's a program created by a local boy scout. Pick up a passport or print one online before heading out. She noted the caches are not listed on geocaching.com however as the don't all follow the geocaching guidelines, such as distance to other caches rules.

Brad spoke about how the CITO events that are being put on are beneficial and it helps caching as a whole. The board would look into having more CITO events.

Chuck/Surfer Joe spoke to the membership that he would be stepping down effective immediately (Oct 16th) from reviewing new caches. He's published over 20000 caches in 5 years as a reviewer. He will be helping out for a while until the new reviewer has been found. He won't however be reviewing any new caches. He received a standing ovation for the membership for all his hard work. It was noted by many in attendance he will be missed.

The meeting was called to close at 2:21pm.

Voting was conducted for the five board positions.

Voting Results:

minnesotabrad-58 votes
PearHead-1 vote
EPMinnesota-1 vote

RudeRat-58 votes
Moe-1 vote

Red_Devil35-32 votes
MamaDuck-24-30 votes

Mrs Mizzou-58 votes

Member at Large
EPMinnesota-58 votes

62 total ballots cast - 9 via absentee

Shawn "Speedy" Kummrow