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Geocaching Guidelines
The following geocaching guidelines are intended to provide guidance for park visitors interested in participating in geocaching throughout Dakota County Parks.

Geocaching Locations
Geocaching is allowed in regional parks and park reserves within the Dakota County Parks system. Caches are also allowed on regional trails (11/10/2013).

The following regional parks and park reserves have been designated as geocaching areas within the Dakota County Parks system:

Hills and Hollows Park
Lake Byllesby Regional Park (Cannon Falls)
Lebanon Hills Regional Park (Eagan/Apple Valley)
Miesville Ravine Park Reserve (Miesville)
Spring Lake Park Reserve (Hastings area)
Thompson County Park (West Saint Paul)

Caches may not be placed at the following locations:

Archery Trail
Mountain Bike Trails
Model Airfield
Reservation Picnic Areas
Retreat Centers
Culturally & Ecologically Sensitive Areas
Natural Resource Restoration Areas

Placing Geocaches

Individuals placing and registering caches are responsible for monitoring, maintaining, and removing caches. All caches must be registered with Dakota County Parks. Register a cache.

Caches may not be buried. Vegetation, or other natural, wildlife, or cultural features may not be moved, marked, or damaged in the process of placing, accessing, or maintaining the cache. Placement of and finding a cache cannot damage, or otherwise negatively impact the parks, trails, or surrounding areas.

Caches cannot be placed or constructed as to create a situation dangerous or potentially dangerous for park visitors.

Cache Contents
Caches may only contain a logbook in which to record visits, a description of geocaching, and non-perishable, family-friendly items. Caches must not contain items that are offensive, dangerous, or illegal. Maximum size of cache containers is 12” x 6” x 8”.

Placement and access to caches are subject to Dakota County Ordinance 107 - Park Use. This includes the designated trail uses, park hours of operation, and areas closed to the public and those areas which require a special use permit.

Number of Caches
Dakota County Parks retains the right to restrict the number of caches within a park at any time and to remove a cache if it is causing undue impact on an area within the park, in an inappropriate location, or for other reasons deemed inconsistent with the mission of the Dakota County Parks system.

Dakota County Parks retains the right to charge for administrative costs associated with excessive management of a particular cache.

For more information, see the Dakota County Geocaching Policy page:


To register a cache, visit the registration page: