Spring 2007

MnGCA Spring 2007 General Meeting

06/09/07 - 15+ members in attendance

Meeting called to order at 2:16 PM by Pear Head

DLHCacher read the minutes from the Fall 2006 General Meeting and Board Elections. DLHCacher motioned and numerous members seconded that the minutes be accepted. Minutes accepted by unanimous vote.

Pear Head made a general welcome to those in attendance.

Pear Head gave a general overview of the status of geocaching with certain government bodies.

MN DNR WMAs – Progressing slowly

Eden Prairie – Working on a policy that allows geocaching

Anoka County – Moving slowly and a follow-up will be done this week to see if a proposed pilot program had indeed been started.

Dakota County – Silent Bob to drop the issue until Dakota County contacts him. Since geocaching is allowed, it is felt that we will get involved when Dakota County is actually ready to create geocaching policy.

Pear Head discussed the organizations tax status.

We have not-for-profit status from the federal government which means we do not file federal or state income tax returns.

The Board is dealing with sales tax issues with the state.

The Geocoin Committee

EskoClimber unveiled the designs, 4 front and two back which the membership will vote on.

Pear Head discussed the online voting for the selecting the designs.

Pear Head discussed a by-law change to the nomination process for board elections. Pear Head also explained the reason for the change due mainly to an issue at the 2006 elections when there were two nominees that did not the position they were nominated for.

DLHCacher read the new by-law regarding the nomination process.

The MnGCA board fielded questions about the change.

Pear Head thanked the Spring Event Committee for a great job.

DLHCacher motioned and TheCollector seconded that the meeting be adjourned. Unanimous vote for adjournment at 2:37 PM.