Spring Membership Meeting May 22, 2010

2:03 pm start

Board Members Present:
MinnesotaBrad (Brad)
EPMinnesota (Carol)
Red_Devil35 (Kirsten)
speedysk1 (Shawn)

Brad talked about the recent change in the board with Jonas leaving and Shawn taking over as secretary.

Brad discussed recent policy changes and discussions with park boards. What that means to the org.

Brad discussed what is/has happened in St Paul. Their new permitting process didn't go too well. Brad worked with them to eliminate the permitting. KMZ file sent to Surfer Joe. Cachers no longer need to wait for a response from St. Paul, but they must submit a permit..

Shawn discussed the changes in Maple grove. Caches no longer need to be permitted.

Brad is working with Detroit Lakes. This is ongoing.

Brad discussed the issues in Maplewood. We can be our own worst enemy. They had a micro in the woods taring up the land in a natural preserve area. Naturalist found torn up areas and was not happy. We must be thoughtful of the area we are putting caches in.

Question from the membership: Brooklyn park question about how it works. How to handle archives and puzzles.

Thanks to the spring event.

Thanks to the Geo coin committee. Speedysk1 gave a quick update on the status. The coin is on schedule and will be ready before Geocoin Fest.

NOSNOW talked a bit about Geocoinfest coming up. They are still looking for volunteers.

Meeting end 2:26 pm