The Meaning of Some Geocaching Acronyms

The meaning of some geocaching acronyms, or T.M.O.S.G.A.

Most geocachers tend to use acronyms while logging their finds both in the physical logbook and on the website. Using them saves time and frostbitten fingers when doing some winter caching here in Minnesota.

This is a rough guide to some of the more popular ones that may help those new to the sport of geocaching.

TFTC (means thanks for the cache)
TNLN (means took nothing, left nothing)
TFTMC (means thanks for the micro cache)
TFTVC (means thanks for the virtual cache)
SL (means signed logbook)
TNLNSL (means took nothing, left nothing, signed log)
TFTH (means thanks for the hide or thanks for the hunt)
FTF (means First to Find a cache that is newly placed, usually followed by some exclamation points and a fancy dance, known as the FTF dance.)
CITO (means Cache In/Trash Out a cache site or park. Visit this great CITO cache)
Tbug (means travel bug. Learn more here)
TB (also means travel bug)
GPSr (means gps receiver)
WG dollar (Where’s George dollar-a game involving the tracking of paper money often intertwined with geocaching. Learn more here)
MIA (missing in action of course, but is often used to describe a travel bug that is logged as being in a cache on the website but is not to be found. Can also be used to describe a missing cache.)
BM (means benchmark, as in benchmark hunting-check out more here)