Fall 2009

Meetings notes from the MnGCA general meeting and board elections held at Afton State Park on 10/17/2009.

The meeting called to order at 2:34pm by Joel.

Shawn mentioned that meetings had been held with Dakota County and Three Rivers with the intention to create/update their caching policies. Shawn mentioned that the details of these meetings have been published on the forums at MnGCA.org.
Shawn mentioned that meetings will take place with Carver County within short with the intent on updating their caching policies as well.

Joel thanked the geocoin committe for their work during the year. Shawn mentioned that the MnGCA geocoins minted for 2009 had been sold out and that the last coins would be used as prizes during the fall event.
Joel thanked Pear Head for the work on the website upgrade during the year.
Joel thanked AndrewMCC for his work with hosting geocaching training programs and his work with DNR during the year.

Joel announced the upcoming megaevent Geocoinfest 2010 that will take place in the fall of 2010. Joel thanked Clamm, Nosnow and Shadowsfriend for their work getting the Geocoinfest to Minnesota.

Joel opened up the floor for members questions.

Former Hawkeye asked if Breakfast Buddies events could be posted earlier.

Joel responded that the member at large position is an unpaid volonteer position so that he cannot really do much about it.
Brad mentioned that one way members can help get Breakfast Buddies posted earlier is to send in suggestions for towns and restaurants that the event can be hosted at as this will speed up the process for the member at large.

SirZman asked if there is any official MnGCA geocaching presentation available.

Brad described that MnGCA have recieved permission from GeocachingU to use their presentation and label it MnGCA for hand outs.

NYSandy23 asked if the board was aware of a meeting held in Minnesota by national park and recreation association in 2010.

Shawn mentioned that the board had been informed by Dakota County and will take contact to see if MnGCA could play a role in this event.

Tesser mentioned that she is on the park and recreation board of Maplewood and encourage everyone to join their own local parks board.

Joel announced the board elections and asked for a volunteer vote counter. TheOdellFamily volunteered.

Pear Head motioned that Shawn (Speedysk1) be allowed as vote counter despite being on the ballot in a contested election. DLHCacher seconded. The motioned passed.

Voting was conducted for the five board positions.

Voting results with the elected board member highlighted in bold:
16 LucidOndine
39 MinnesotaBrad
1 Pear Head

Vice President
28 AndrewMCC
27 Speedysk1
1 Pear Head

17 Jam3s
38 Jonas
1 Pear Head

54 Red_Devil35
1 Pear Head

Member at Large
54 EPMinnesota
1 Pear Head

Total number of votes cast: 56 (23 absentee, 33 in person) or 12% of all eligible voters.

Joel introduced the new board and motioned that the meeting close, Brad seconded and the meeting closed at 3:49pm.