(City) Detroit Lakes

Detroit Lakes has updated their policy (January 2009). The updated policy is significantly different than the old policy.

All caches placed on Detroit Lakes City Parks must be registered. Geocaching is only permitted in the GAR Park, Beaton Park, Long Lake Park, Washington Park (City Park), Sucker Creek Preserve and the Rotary Soccer Complex. The City of Detroit Lake Parks Department reserves the right to disallow geocaching in any area of any park. All unregistered caches will be removed.

When hiding, finding, and trading items in a geocache, you are subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws, including park hours.

Hiding or finding a geocache should never alter, damage or otherwise negatively impact the parks, trails or surrounding area. New caches should not be placed within 1/2 mile of existing caches and should be located so that existing trails can be used to get close to them. The City of Detroit Lakes retains the right to remove or have removed a cache it feels is in an inappropriate location or is causing undue impact on the habitat. Geocaching should never interfere with or detract from other park visitors’ experiences.

Individuals will be limited to 2 caches per park; 5 total in the park system. Caches need to be available to the public, no member-only or subscription caches will be allowed on park properties.

The hider is responsible for maintaining the quality of the geocache, and it must be of value to other geocachers. Caches are not to contain items that are offensive, dangerous, or illegal.

The hider is responsible for the upkeep of relevant information about the park and area the geocache is located in.

The registration form can be found here.

The policy in it's entirety can be found here.