(County) Three Rivers Park District

Three Rivers supports geocaching in most of the parks. Please follow the geocaching guidelines when placing or retrieving caches:

* Geocaching is allowed in regional parks and park reserves within Three Rivers Park District.
* Geocaching is not allowed on regional trails (click on the "Trails" tab).
* Geocaching is not allowed at Noerenberg Gardens or The Landing – Minnesota River Heritage Park.
* Placement of geocaches is not allowed at the following facilities within parks: golf courses, campgrounds, reservation picnic areas, creative play areas, or beaches.
* Placement of geocaches is restricted to within 25 feet of a trail center line, and must not involve disturbance of the park environment.
* There is no maximum limit to the number of geocaches placed within a specific park; however, geocaches must not be placed within .25 miles of another geocache.
* Placement of geocaches within maintained landscape plantings is prohibited.
* Geocaches must be registered with Three Rivers Park District using the online registration form.
* Geocaches are not to contain items that are offensive, dangerous, or illegal.
* Access to geocaches will be subject to the Park District ordinance including hours of operation, designated trail uses, maintenance standards and natural resources management activities.
* Three Rivers Park District retains the right to remove a cache if determined to be in an inappropriate location, or if it is not registered with the Park District.

The policy may be found here. Updated March 2010.