Fall Elections 2008 Meeting notes

Meetings notes from the MnGCA board elections held at the Rice Creek event 10/11/2008.

The meeting started at 2:05pm by Eskoclimber.
Jonas mentioned that there were 3 changes to the previously published eligible voters list, Marsha and Silent Bob had been removed as he is no longer a member, Pear Head and Altura had been added due to a database error. This updated the total number of eligible voters to 370.

Red_Devil35 and DonB! were appointed to be vote counters as the Member at Large was absent.

Voting results with the elected board member highlighted in bold:
62 LucidOndine
1 Kitch
1 S4xton

Vice President
41 minnesotabrad
24 sir_zman

38 Jonas
27 Millah

63 firstbass
1 Moe the sleeze

Member at Large
63 speedysk1
1 Moe the sleeze

Total number of votes cast: 67 (42 absentee, 25 in person) or 18% of all eligible voters.