(County) Anoka County

Anoka county allows registered and approved caches in all parks within their parks system, with the exception of the Columbus lake Conservation Area, Cedar Creek Conservation Area, and the Sandhill Crane Natural Area.

The highlights of the policy restrictions are:

Caches must be placed so that existing trails can be used to get close to the cache. All caches must be placed within 1/10 mile of existing asphalt and/or mowed trails.

Caches must be placed at least ΒΌ mile apart.

Caches must be public, no member only or subscription caches.

Individuals will be limited to two (2) caches per park and/or a total of five (5) caches throughout the designated parks.

No more than 20 total caches will be allowed for each designated park that allows geocaching.

Controlled archery deer hunts are conducted from October through December, therefore, all caches must be deactivated from October through December at the parks where the controlled hunts are being conducted.

Their policy and registration information can be found here.

Anoka County parks are open 6am until 30 minutes after sunset.