(State) MnDOT - Rest Areas

Geocaching, Letterboxing and the Degree Confluence Project Policy

These activities are allowed in Mn/DOT rest areas, unless specifically excluded in this policy.

  1. Players placing caches must register the cache location with Mn/DOT. Register
  2. Mn/DOT will permit no more than one cache per rest area at one time.
  3. Caches must not contain offensive, dangerous, or illegal items.
  4. Players are subject to applicable laws, ordinances and agency policies including hours of operation, designated uses, maintenance standards and natural resources management activities.
  5. Placement or gaining access to caches is restricted to within 25 feet of trails and walks and must not require disturbance of the rest area site.
  6. Mn/DOT retains the right to remove, or have removed, a cache it feels is in an inappropriate location, causing undo impact on the habitat, conflicting with rest area use and maintenance, or is not registered with Mn/DOT.
  7. Caches are not allowed in environmentally, culturally or historically sensitive areas.


Mn/DOT does not allow caches in the Cold Spring Wayside.