(City) Brooklyn Park

We have a limit of 10 caches for each park.
You cannot bury caches or move, mark or damage vegetation, rocks, or other natural or cultural features in the process of placing, accessing, or maintaining the cache.
When hiding, finding, and trading items in a geocache, you are subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws including park hours.
You cannot put items that are offensive, dangerous or illegal in a cache.
You cannot put caches in:
Edinburgh USA Golf Course
Brookland Executive Nine Golf Course
Reservation picnic areas
Playground areas
Athletic complexes or other active use areas of the park
Environmentally sensitive areas of the park system, as determined by the City.
The City reserves the right to disallow geocaching in any area of any park.

The City of Brooklyn Park retains the right to remove, or have removed, a cache it feels is in a inappropriate location, is causing undue impact on the habitat or if it is not registered with the City of Brooklyn Park.

Caches must be registered and re-registered after 12 months. The form to do so is here: