User Recognition Program Launch

The MnGCA has largely been a success due in full to the energies and talent put in from the membership. The accomplishments of many of our members often times go unnoticed because so much happens behind the scenes. The net effect of which is that our organization runs smoothly and seamlessly.

Until recently, there has not been a good way to keep track of individual contributions. Now, we are rolling out a new user recognition program designed to give credit where credit is due. Under MnGCA user profiles, you'll start to see how each member of our org has contributed. We know that geocachers in particular like icons--now you'll get them.

As the MnGCA has a long history of volunteer service, it will take some time to populate our database with appropriate recognition. Inevitably I will make mistakes assigning credit where it is not due and certainly vice versa. I am also not a graphics artist, so the icons created may not be entirely pretty. If you are a graphics artist and are willing to make icons for existing and future feats, please contact me. With that being said, I plan to work my way backward from the present.

Lastly, I would like to thank Pear Head for his work in getting this implemented. That's all!