Spring 2008 General meeting

MnGCA Spring 2008 General meeting.

05/31/2008 - 30+ members in attendance

Scott (Eskoclimber) welcomes everyone to the event and presents himself and the MNGCA board.

Scott presents the current status of the Anoka County caching policy.

Scott presents the new state park challenge.
A general discussion is conducted about the experiences so far.

Scott presents the new volonteer apprechiation program.
The organizing committee for the spring meeting is presented with the new pins as the
first group of volonteers.

Scott presents the new planned voter system to be conducted online.
Some questions are raised from the membership (ArcticABN) of the security and cost of the procedures.
Scott communicates the intent to ensure the membership is comfortable
with the idea of online voting before it will be taking place.

Scott thanks all the volunteers who helped put the event together.

The formal meeting close and Oneied Cooky proceeds to present prizes for the event competition.