2007 MnGCA Board Election Meeting Minutes

MnGCA Board Elections Meeting

10/26/07 - DLHCacher, IBcrashen, ghost640, dmnrec, TheCollector, and conniewolf in attendance.

Meeting called to order at 5:16 PM by DLHCacher.

Since EskoClimber was absent DLHCacher motioned that ghost640 and dmnrec be ballot counters. Motion was seconded. Motion carr ied by unanimous vote.

Voting eligible members voted for board members.

ghost640 and dmnrec counted election and absentee (58) ballots.

Voting Results:

* President - EskoClimber received 61 votes, Arcticabn received 2 votes, and Kitch received 1 vote.

* Vice President - LucidOndine received 61 votes, cream filling received 1 vote, Marsha received 1 vote, and KC0GRN received 1 vote.

* Secretary - Jonas received 63 votes and merkman received 1 vote.

* Treasurer - merkman received 61 votes, sir_zman received 1 vote, MinnesotaBrad received 1 vote, and King Boreas received 1 vote.

* Member at Large - Kurt Franke received 61 votes, sir_zman received 1 vote, paklid received 1 vote, and Pear Head received 1 vote.

New board is:

* President - EskoClimber (Scott Engstrom)

* Vice President - LucidOndine (Joel Landsteiner)

* Secretary - Jonas (Jonas Sjoberg)

* Treasurer - merkman (Steve Merkling)

* Member at Large - Kurt Franke (Kurt Franke)

DLHCacher motioned to close meeting. Motoin was seconded. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Meeting closed at 5:32 PM.