Fall 2007

MnGCA Fall 2007 General Meeting

10/06/07 - 15+ members in attendance

Meeting called to order at 1:34 PM by Pear Head

Pear Head welcomed everyone to the meeting.

DLHCacher read the minutes from the Spring 2007 General Meeting. TECGeoJim motioned and TheGilby3 seconded that the minutes be accepted. Minutes accepted by unanimous vote.

DLHCacher informed the attendees that there would be no election because there would not be enough voters to have a valid election. DLHCacher informed the attendees that arrangements would be made for a special election and that an announcement of the special election would be made ASAP. A general discussion about the situation followed.

Pear Head discussed the situation with various governmental agencies.

MN DNR WMAs – Progressing very slowly and the latest response leads the Board to believe that geocaching will not be allowed. Paklid mentioned he believed the same thing.

Eden Prairie – A policy was created that allows geocaching.

Anoka County – Moving slowly. They have started a pilot program to test allowing geocaching.

Geocoins – Merkman was suppose to attend and start selling the coins. Unfortunately Merkman did not attend.

EskoClimber introduced Fargnot from Bemidji. He discussed a geocaching tie-in that the State Park system wants to do celebrating the 150th anniversary of Minnesota’s statehood. It would be a State Park Challenge with a geo-coin reward for those it find the designated cache in each park. The State Park system would look to the geocaching community to adopt a park and maintain the cache for that specific park. General discussion occurred.

Pear Head brought the Geo Tech Event to everyone’s attention and asked that all could attend to so.

An introduction of all in attendance.

DLHCacher motioned and TheGilby3 seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried by unanimous vote at 2:10 PM.