MnGCA Cache Bash 2k6 General Elections Minutes

MnGCA Fall 2006 General Meeting and Board Elections

10/07/06 - 30+ members in attendance

Meeting called to order at 15:00 by Silent Bob.

Sir zman nominated and voted to count ballots.

Sir zman and Paklid counted absentee ballolts.

Silent Bob acknowledged and thanks the Fall Event Committee.

Silent Bob gave an overview of the previous year.

State and county parks overview.

Finally back in State Parks.

Outstate events overview.

Membership voted for board members.

Votes counted and a tie for treasurer resulted.

One member did not vote but asked to vote.

Voting Results.

President - Pear Head (Matt Werner) received 32 of 34 votes.
One vote each for Silent Bob and Moe the Sleaze.

Vice President - TimbreWlf ((John) Thomas Alich) received 21
votes, CamoCacher received 12 votes, 2 abstained.

Secretary - DLHCacher (Tom Heikkila) received 31 votes.

Treasurer - KC0GRN (Joel Dick) received 16 votes and celticwulf
received 15 votes.

Member at Large - EskoClimber (Scott Engstrom) received 19
votes, Lucidondine received 11 votes.

New board is:

President - Pear Head (Matt Werner)

Vice President - TimbreWlf ((John) Thomas Alich)

Secretary - DLHCacher (Tom Heikkila)

Treasurer - KC0GRN (Joel Dick)

Member at Large - EskoClimber (Scott Engstrom)

Motion to close a second received.

Meeting closed at 16:00.