2006 Spring Event & General Elections Minutes

6/10/06 Spring General Meeting

Prior to calling the meeting to order, nominations were taken and Oneied Cooky was nominated to assist with the voting to take place during the meeting. There were no other nominations and there were no objections to Oneied Cooky performing these duties.

Call to order: 2:23 p.m. by Silent Bob. Introductory remarks explaining the MnGCA and its purpose were made.

The issues on the ballot were briefly explained. Ballots were handed out to all whose identification could be verified. 7 absentee ballots were submitted. 14 additional ballots were cast in person. The following members recieved ballots: 15Tango, Arcticabn, CamoCacher, Celticwulf, Dachebo, Fidian, Jillibean, Jrest, KC0GRN, Marsha and Silent Bob, Moe the Sleaze, Oneied Cooky, Paklid, Pear Head, Posen, S4xton, Sui Generis, Tesser, The Crazy Vacationer, Timbrewlf, and Towlebooth. Quorum requirements were met. Extra ballots were destroyed.

Ballots were returned and tallied:

On the question of How should the MnGCA go about contacting parks districts: 17 votes to 3 votes determined The MnGCA will contact parks districts that have policies already, those that contact us looking for a policy, or those that have raised concerns and have been referred to the MnGCA by others.

On the question of modifying Article II, section 2 of the MnGCA Bylas to change the amount of time that is required to be a member of the association before being permitted to vote: 13 votes to 8 votes determined that we will modify Article II, section 2 to require a MnGCA Member to be registered for a minimum of 3 months before being permitted to vote.

On the question of modifying Article II, Section 4 concerning the experience on the board to be elected president: 11 votes to 10 votes determined we will continue to require one year of prior board experience in order to be elected President.


DNR: There have been numerous face to face meetings and phone calls, emails, etc. They are looking at a possible fall rule revision. We are to call back in June to check the status of that.

WMA's and State forests: Paklid reported. Existing caches are grandfathered, but new ones are curently not permitted.

3 Rivers - Cache restrictions limits raised to 20 per park. Still require all caches be within 25 feet of a trail though. The regional trails caches are grandfathered, but currently, no new caches will be permitted. There are property issue concerns. There is a possibility the regional trails will open up in a year.

Carver county parks: No new policy will go in place at this point.

Ramsey County: Written registration requirement dropped. Policy that remains will not be changed.

Champlain: No need to increase limits, as limits aren't being reached according to the required registrations. This may be because the registration policy is being ignored. In any event, they see no need to change the policy.

Anoka County: Caches have been banned. Policy being reconsidered. An intern is doing a feasibility study. She seems open and willing to help. She will have a report completed in August.

Washington County: New, very open policy. Just follow the parks rules.

Detroit Lakes: MPRA asked for info. We provided the info. They have followed Duluth's policy.

It is rumored that Roseville and Eden Prairie have some issues with caching, but nothing concrete has surfaced.

Maplewood Parks say caching is OK as long as there are no complaints.

North St. Paul Parks: Police Chief says the activity sounds reasonable.

Bloomington Parks: No major restrictions.

There have been minor edits to the bylaws. They will also be edited to reflect today's voting results.

Finances: Still working on taxes. Pear Head is unable to attend the meeting as he is in OK for work. Ledger copy was at the meeting for review and is also posted online. Future expenses we need to plan for: Web hosting.

Future goals:

1. Web redesign: Geopierce is our new webmaster.
2. Better and more frequent contact with parks.
3. Bigger and better events.
4. More membership involvement on committees, etc.
5. Membership growth.
6. More media exposure.
7. More use of membership voting on issues important to the MnGCA.

Oneied Cooky was thanked for his hard work and contribution to the event. All who made donations were also thanked for their contributions.

It was mentioned that the new window cling is on Celticwulf's car for those interested in seeing it.

Trackable MN geocoin? 2007 coin will probably be trackable, now that the interest level has been proven. Cost up front was the issue the first time. It is less of an issue now.

Motion to adjourn and second. Meeting adjourned.