2005 MnGCA Autumn Event Meeting Minutes

13:15 Meeting called to order by JT.

Meeting attended by:
Pear Head
Moe the Sleaze
Oneied Cooky
Marsha and Silent Bob
Mr. Bill
sui generis

JT appoints s4xton as Secretary for the day as Buzzygirl is unable to

Laker Game: JT reported that the Laker Game will now have defined
rounds. Towlebooth continues to manage the game.

DNR: JT talked about the "heated" DNR issue. The DNR posted a policy
that JT described as being in a "probationary" status. He reinforced
that it will be reviewed in one year. JT is happy that they put
something on paper after "waiting around." He reinforced again that it
will be reviewed in a year and that the MnGCA will have input on that.

Geocoin Committee: MnGCA Member Arcticabn, as head of the Geocoin
Committee, reports on the new coin. The design of the front of the coin
will be up for vote by the MnGCA Membership. He explained the process
of designing the coins. The coin is designed for Minnesotan Geocachers,
but the committee anticipates that most of the coins will be sold
outside of the state. It will be silver and painted.

Pear Head asked about trackability. Arcticabn explained that it will
not be financially feasible currently to purchase the ability to track
with geocaching.com.

Coins will be no more expensive than $7 shipped. The price that the
committee is anticipating now is probably around $6 shipped.

Sui Generis asked if coins can be tracked on the MnGCA website instead
of geocaching.com. Arcticabn explaned that the coin will not be tracked
at this time due to limited resources.

Moe the Sleaze asked if they will be serialized, and Arcticabn said that
they will be. MnGCA Members will have first priority on low serial
numbers and the committee has developed a method for fairly
distributing coins.

Pear Head expressed that he was impressed by the amount of thought and
effort put into the project.

Arcticabn added there will be multiple ways for people to order coins
and it will be promoted widely. He added that Joel (KC0GRN) is a member
of a coin collecting group that will be able to help notify other
organizations about the new coin in addition to emailing other
geocaching organizations.

Moe the Sleaze asked if there is a fixed number of coins that will be
made. Arcticabn said that there will not be a fixed number at this
time. He added that there will be people that are purchasing a large
number of coins or are fronting money so coins can be purchased in
advance of orders.

Pear Head asked if we own the coin die after it is done. Arcticabn said
the manufacturer will retain the die, but will not be able to use it
for anyone else.

Arcticabn added that the front design of the coin may end up changing
later, but the back will remain the same.

Pear Hear head asked if there is money needed up front to get the die
completed. Arcticabn said that he is a backer, and some of the other
"up-front money" from backers will help get the up-front costs paid

Arcticabn explained more about the costs and how all costs of the coin
will be "imbedded" into a single final price unless they want insurance
on shipping.

Rubber Toes asked if any money from the coin sales will go to the
organization. Arcticabn said that it is unlikely initially, but it may
bring a few hundred dollars if we go above our targets.

13:33. Voting. Oneied Cooky was elected by the membership to count
votes with s4xton. s4xton explained the rules and process for voting
and the membership was allowed to sign and submit their ballots. s4xton
and Oneied Cooky

13:56. s4xton announces results. 22 votes total:

President: Silent Bob 21, JT (Write-In) 1.
Vice President: Arcticabn: 18, Tomslusher 4.
Secratary: Sui Generis 22.
Treasurer: Pear Head: 22.
Member At Large: JT 10, Paklid 12.

Winners were congratulated.

13:58. JT thanks the membership for all the donations and contributions
to the event.

13:59. Treasurer report. s4xton went over the transactions since Lester
Park Bash. Moe asked about the costs incurred as a result of the white
jeep travel bugs and it was explained that it was used to ship the
jeeps across the state.

14:02. Raffle Tickets distributed.

14:05. Prizes drawn and awarded.

14:08. Arcticabn thanked the 2005 Board for their work in the past
year. ArcticAbn motions to close the meeting and Sui Generis seconds.
Vote was unanimous and the meeting was closed.