2004 MnGCA Fall Event Meeting Minutes

Midwest Mountaineering, Minneapolis, MN

Members in attendance: J.T., jonsom, JoelCam, TwentySeven, Paklid, Buzzygirl, dachebo, Wayfarin Stranger, Marsha and Silent Bob, Kitch, pogopod, s4xton, Moe the Sleaze, mucluck, Rouster, TECGeoJim, degriff, King Boreas, Mr. Bill, Oneied Cooky, visiteaganmn, Gustobob, Diggin’4_it, and RJ

Meeting was called to order at 18:50 by J.T.

1. General elections - Board size, etc

An at length discussion was carried out about the current size of the board, what the positions were formally and what positions the group as a whole would like to see. It was stated that because the work with most of the counties had been established and carried out that the board size could be reduced. It was also stated that we should try and have elections once a year instead of twice a year as in the past. It was moved and approved by vote that the board would be reduced to the following positions:
* President
* Vice president
* Secretary
* Treasurer
* Member at Large

Nominations were taken for each of the positions and the following members were selected to sit on the board and approved by membership vote:
* President -- J.T.
* Vice president -- Silent Bob
* Secretary -- Buzzygirl
* Treasurer -- s4xton
* Member at Large -- Kitch

2. Board direction

Conversation about the direction of the association was held at length and it was moved and approved by vote that the new board would meet a minimum of once a quarter (four times a year) to discuss association business and to improve the efforts of the association. It was also recommended that the President and the Vice president act as spokespeople for the association as needed (i.e. media relations, etc). Because no one seemed to have a current copy of the bylaws the new board was requested to formulate new bylaws that will be available online.

3. Meeting locations/Times

The topic of meeting locations and times was raised as it had been brought up on the website forum. In order to facilitate an equal opportunity for all members of the MNGCA to attend the meeting, it was moved that the board explore the option to move the meeting location around the state. It was also stated that holding the meeting in conjunction with a weekend event might allow a greater number of members to attend. J.T. stated that we should try and post the meeting date and times with as much advance notice as possible so that more people could make an attempt to attend.

4. Open floor

The floor was opened to items and conversation of the membership. Several items were discussed at length including:

* Checking account: s4xton stated he would try and track down the holders of the previous treasure to locate the location of the mailing address and checking account.

* Café Press: RJ stated that he had opened the Café Press account and that he had cash and checks to turn over to the new treasurer. It was decided that s4xton would also take over the Café Press account in the interim so that additional designs could be formulated for items that were currently for sale. RJ turned over a total of $64.00 in cash and a $20.00 check which totaled $84.00.

* Membership dues: The group discussed whether or not we should charge to be a “member” of the MNGCA. It was determined that the board would have to do some work before we started to charge for membership to investigate what exactly members would get for their dues payment, etc.

Meeting was adjourned at 20:23.

Minutes taken & transcribed by J.T. (Secretary) 10/27/2004