MNGCA General Meeting Minutes 4/13/2004

Members in attendance: J.T., Howling/Pepper Chef, Silent, Kitch, Wally Pog, Centris, Drat19, Bacon Bits, Smitzee, S4xton, 15Tango, Moe The Sleaze, Nimbus Ninjas, Kc0grn, Kaiserklan- Keith, Kaiserklan- Deb, Alex, RickRich, Liverbird- WWPP, Jansom, R.J.

Meeting was called to order at 18:52 by 15Tango & R.J.

1. Park relations--namely Anoka County, Dakota County and City of Burnsville Centris stated she had received messages from Anoka Co, mainly stating that Geocaches were not allowed in their parks and that all geocaches should/would be removed.
R.J. & 15 Tango explained that online forms are available (or linked to) on the MNGCA website for the Superior National Forest and Three Rivers, Carver, & Ramsey counties.
2. CITO event- R.J. explained Will be held this Saturday, April 17th at the Gateway State Trail in Maplewood. Event begins at 10:00Am. This site was picked because the MNDNR has a part in this trail. Meeting information is on the cache page. Bring equipment, Bags, and general stuff for the event. R.J. has coordinated with the agencies that manage the area to come and pickup any trash that is collected.
3. Spring event- Will be held on May 22nd at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis, Shelter # 3. Event begins at 10:00 Am and goes until 1500. with Setup at 0900am. R.J. explained that free parking is available close to the picnic area. Several sponsors have been secured for door prizes for the event. Temp caches being hidden are encouraged.
4. Get Sauced events- The Get sauced events were brought up to the group. The concept was explained to everyone, as several new members were in attendance. It was explained that the next event would be in June, with another event possible in Sept. Events have been held at Buffalo Wild Wings. Possible future locations may include Famous Daves BBQ, but that is up to the individual organizers.
5. Breakfast Buddies events, are being held on the last Saturday of each month. These events have been held at Old Country Buffets in the past. The next event will be held on April 24th in Burnsville. The location may have recently had a name change.
6. University of Minnesota Department of Forest Resources survey (has anyone heard from Dr. Schneider since the last meeting?), It was explained by 15 Tango that a rep from the U of M had attended our last meeting and that she had spoken to the group for about 15 minutes. No one had any additional information to add, as no one had heard from Dr. Schneider since the meeting.
7. R.J. and Towlebooth's cache game, R.J. explained the new game that he and towelbooth had been working on. The name of the game is “state of 10,000 lakes game” 100 pieces have been created for the game. R.J. explained that Towelebooth was still working on the website portion of the game, and that it would hopefully be ready by the time the spring event takes place (May 22nd). R.J. also elaborated on the games idea, being based on the game that is currently being played in Utah (Cache-U-Nuts). Points would be assessed when people grabbed the game pieces and moved them to another cache. In order to gain points, three things would have to be done. 1- Log on the website, 2- Log in the geocache logbook, 3- Log on the MNGCA website.
8. Missouri Invitational Cache Competition, J.T. Explained details about the event. It was held at Hawn State park in MO. Several geocachers were involved with the event. MN did quite well in the team event, taking 1st place. This was the 1st large scale event for the Geocaching community. Several things were learned from the event about what to do, and what not to do. The event consisted of a 2 day individual event (10 point Multi on Saturday, and a 10 Point Multi on Sunday. Players where rated based on time.) The team competition consisted of 4 players on a team, 20 waypoints, a map was given to the team, the team could then decide on how to conquer the course. MN was the only team to punch all 20 waypoints. They completed the course with plenty of time to spare as the next team was 45 mins to an hour behind. All in all it was a great event and the team is looking forward to next years event. Hopefully more individuals from MN will be involved.
9. IBcrashen ‘s caches (should we as a group adopt some of the best caches in the state, or leave it up to individuals to do so?) It was explained that IBcrashen may be leaving the Geocaching sport, and that he has several high quality caches. 15 Tango asked the group their thoughts on whether the group would want to adopt his caches or let individuals adopt his caches. J.T. stated that he thought the group should let individuals adopt the caches as having the Association might make it difficult manage and make sure the care was being maintained. S4xton stated that he agreed with J.T. and had mentioned in the forum that he would be willing to adopt a couple of his caches. It was asked exactly how many caches he owned. The group thought around 30-40 high quality caches. (19 upon review of It was then mentioned that an event in Northern MN would be taking place this weekend, and that maybe we should contact him to see if he would attend or if some volunteers in that area could be gathered to adopt his caches. It was moved that someone contact him to see what his intent was and to see if he could attend the event.
10. A. Open floor- Wickets Wondering Pony Patrol addressed the group stating that she had brought a whole garbage bag of CITO film canisters that were free for the taking.
B. Drat19 addressed the group. He was a guest from Mississippi that was in town on business. He explained that he got to MN on a simi regular basis and that he thought MN had some of the best caches in the country. He commended the MNGCA stating that the group “Kicked Ass!”. He expressed his appreciation for the high quality caches we have here and encouraged us to keep up the good work. He stated that with his business he got to travel to a lot of areas that had a lot of poor caches and the he appreciated the high quality caches we had here. He gave a website address that had a pretty informative print out for cachers to carry with them while caching. The printout explains what geocaching is in detail. This document is great to give to Law Enforcement and others that are curious as to what you are doing out in the public. He also gave several points that he feels make up a good cache, included, but not complete- Location, Quality of the hide, the hider and whether they maintain the cache, and the container.
C. Bacon Bits asked the group what we thought made up a good hide. J.T. stated that examples of good hides could be found in the cache of the month listings. Moe explained that all caches that are nominated could be considered really good caches to be based off of. Bacon Bits brought up the negative press coverage that was recently in National Geographic about a fossil site that had been posted on He asked if anything had been done to try and depict caching in a positive light. J.T. explained that we try and get as much positive press as possible. For example, the upcoming Cito event will have press releases sent out about it, in an effort to get some positive press.

Meeting adjourned: 15Tango & R.J. adjourned the meeting at 20:25. A brief social session occurred after the meeting and the group dispersed.

Minutes taken & transcribed by J.T. (Secretary) 4/13/2004