Meeting Minutes, 3/24/2003

Nola Cutts (Centris) opened the meeting at 7PM. There were 20 people in attendance.

Pam (Ladybug) spoke about the budget, and here is her report:

* 10/27/02 Halloween Hoopla Donations $18.00
* 02/02/03 Winter Cache Bash Donations $32.00
* 02/18/03 February Meeting. $22.00
* 03/24/03 Post Office Box Purchase -$26.00
* 03/24/03 Chad Towlebooth for Web site-$46.00
* Balance $0

We have also filed with the State of MN as a nonprofit organization. Nola led this effort. Pam will be keeping track of the finances. She also embroiders shirts with the MnGCA logo. They are $25 dollars. $5 dollars will be donated back to the MnGCA.

John Somerdorf (jonsom) spoke on Ramsey County and their policy on Geocaching that takes effect on the 1st. of April. He answered many questions people had.

Rob Sime (bobhiker) spoke on the policy that the Three Rivers Park District has developed. It also takes effect on the 1st. of April. He has also been contacted by a member of the MN DNR and will hopefully be meeting with them soon to help develop policy. He talked about the history of the Minnesota Geocaching Association and how it was started. He also answered many questions that people had.

Chad Towle (towlebooth) talked about the policy that Carver County Parks would be coming out with in the near future. He also updated us on the developments with the MNGCA web site.

Matt Mikesell (15Tango) spoke about the up coming Spring Clean Up planned for the Sunday after Easter. It sounds like it will be at the Fort Snelling State Park. We asked if he needed any help on planning this and he indicated that he did not need any.

Tom Gustafson from the University Geocachers of the U. of MN spoke about the group he has started on the campus of the U of M. They are interested in working together with us on events and other activities. We welcome their involvement.

Thank you all for coming. It was fun to meet so many new people at this meeting. We have worked hard with local parks to help make geocaching benefit both parks and geocachers. I know it may seem restrictive as these polices start to take effect, but it is better than the alternative like the DNR has started with a total banning of this activity. If we did not help to educate parks on the benefits of this activity and show them that it can be done with respect to the environment, it would soon be banned in more parks than just our State Parks. Thank you all for coming and supporting us in this cause.