Meeting Minutes, 2/18/2003

In attendance: Moe the Sleeze, John Moriarty of Ramsey County Parks, EelSid, Centris, Lady Bug, CB-GPSERS, jonsom, berg0449, ck, bobhiker, towlebooth.

Nonprofit discussion.
We discussed the benefits of filing for nonprofit corproation versus filing with the state as a social club. It was decided to pursue the social club route. This will require a set of by-laws. Nola (Centris) and the rest of the board will follow up with this. After this is complete Nola, Rob (Bobhiker), and Pam (Lady Bug) will open a checking account and P.O. Box in the association's name.

Guest speaker: Mr. John Moriarty from Ramsey County Parks and Recreation.
John updated us on the status of the Geocaching Policy that will go into effect in Ramsey County on April 15. It is finalized and policy will be on the Ramsey County web site soon. As soon as it is up and running, we will post a link to it to keep our members informed. He is excited to work with us, and with each cache owner individually. He has many ideas of places that are safe to place a cache. He is all for Virtual Caches, and he thinks the educational benefits are many with this type of cache. He would like to see more of them in his parks. John is a super guy, and he would be open to working with folks who want to do this type of cache. One idea he had was to create small, metal engraved plates to nail on the back of trees and posts within the park system to mark virtual caches. Please don't create these on your own; if they adopt these within the parks they will need to be uniform and either the park system or MnGCA will have them made.

John is also going to introduce the idea to the Mn. DNR when he gets a chance. He feels that if we can come up with a standard type of cache and policy, the DNR might be open to accepting it. We decided that the smaller type of Ammo Box, painted brown, and with the Geocaching sticker from to identify it as a geocache would probably work the best. The ammo boxes are available at Mill's Fleet Farm, and at any Army/Navy Surplus store for $3 to $4 dollars. They are waterproof and durable.

Park Updates
Rob updated us on Three Rivers Parks District. They are finalizing their policy, and it should be available on their web site soon. We will post a link to it when that happens.

Chad (towlebooth) updated us on Carver County Parks. They are going to list their policy as well, however it will not be as restrictive as the bigger parks.

We also assigned some folks to work with the Washington County and Dakota County park systems. Pam will be contacting Dakota, and Chris (CB_GPSERS) will be contacting Washington parks.

It was fun to see everyone again, thanks for coming.

Afterwards, many bugs were traded!