Meeting Minutes, 11/11/2002

The meeting began at 7 pm. Those in attendance were: Bobhiker, towlebooth, Centris, jonsom, Minnesota Jack, CBee, Kleiner, Perrine, CB-GPSERS.

We started out the meeting with an update from Nola (Centris) on her meeting with Mr. Moriarty from Ramsey County Parks. Ramsey county has come up with rules and a permit system with a maximum amount of caches list in it's parks. A few people were bothered by this at first, but after discussing it, we came to the consensus that it would be a good idea. The permit system goes into affect April 1, and will need to be renewed every year. This will give the parks control of the number of caches and placement of them. It will give those most responsible and creative access to placing a cache in the parks. It will also force a renewal of caches in the parks once a year, which will mean they will all be fresh and different from year to year.

We then moved on to the idea of continuing the group. We voted and decided to keep the group going, and become more organized so that we can work with parks and their policies and be more effective as a group. The GEM website will run out its lease in the end of November, so we decided to change the name to the Minnesota Geocaching Association. This is in line with the original proposal for a group name last May. Our website address will be up any day now and will be at

We decided to take nominations for offices and hold an election at the next meeting. The next meeting will be on December 11 at a location to be named. We are going to try and come up with a way to nominate someone via email. If you can't make it to the meeting, we will try to have a voting system via email also. Is there someone who would like to monitor this, be trustworthy, and keep votes confidential???

Positions will be:

* President
* Vice President
* Sec./Treasurer
* Board of Directors.

Any other ideas for this???

For now it was decided that Jonsom, Bobhiker, and Towlebooth would head things up until the elections. We are all a part of this however, and all ideas are welcome. And if anyone thinks one of us is getting out of hand, let one of us know. We really don't intend something like that. This group is a group a cachers just trying to protect our sport and have fun together. We will have to work together, and with parks within their guidelines, to continue this activity in their parks.

It was also discussed that there will be another picnic or activity in January. If you have any ideas, let Centris know. Maybe we could have sled races, and use gps's to see who can register the fasted speed. Any other creative uses in three feet of snow?

If I forgot something, forgive me. I thought the meeting went very well. Thank you Nola for securing a place for the meeting, it worked great. A little noisy at times, but due to the age difference and language barrier with the folks in the next room, I think we did the best we could. Thank you for your interest in this group and for coming.