Fall Event Membership Meeting, 1 October 2016

Located at Whitetail Woods picnic pavilion, called to order at 12:45

Election -
- two individuals were nominated and elected to help count ballots.
- Results:

dmnrec 62 votes
Trump 1 vote

Vice President:
Laura (no name) 51 votes
JAYMZ*BRONX 11 votes
no contest 1 vote

15Tango 52 votes
LittleGears 11 votes

purplesquirrel1 59 votes
no contest 3 votes
RustyNails 1 vote

Member At Large:
Boreal Walker 60 votes
EPMinnesota 2 votes
no contest 1 vote

Thanked everyone who helped with the LEO letters

Discussed need to update the MnGCA bylaws, and the board let the membership know their input is both welcome and encouraged.

Meeting adjourned at 13:30