Saturday, September 20, 2014

Meeting was called to order by President, AerosmithPA a little after 1pm at Round Lake Park in Eden Prairie, MN.

First on the agenda, the votes for the 2014-15 Board need to be counted. A member of the organization is needed to count along with MAL, Copaman. MamaDuck nominated Bob of Holy Strollers. He was seconded, and all members agreed.
The 2014-15 Board will be as follows:
AerosmithPA, President (43 votes)
BigChiefS4, Vice President (43 votes)
15Tango, Secretary (43 votes)
TonkaMN, Treasurer (43 votes)
dmnrec, Member at large (42 votes)
Copaman received one write in vote for MAL.

Aerosmith congratulated the new Board. He thanked the outgoing Board members, Copaman (Member at large) and MamaDuck-24 (Secretary) for their year(s) of service.

He thanked everyone for attending. What a great turn-out! The weather and location were perfect.

Upcoming events members should be aware of:
9/27 - Breakfast Buddies - Mankato
10/25 - Halloween Hoopla - Long Lake Park, Roseville
10/11 - Eerie Pennsylvania Woods
9/30 - Puzzlers' Den

Don't forget to check and often for upcoming events. We'd love to see you there!

If you are planning an event and want help, please let the Board know. We'll do what we can to help. And, the MnGCA is always looking for volunteers to help at our events.

Milestones reached at this event:
100th Event Cache - BigChiefS4
200th Event Cache - Butcher and Swimmer
500th Cache - MKSnoopy

A big thank you to all the volunteers and event planning committee members: TonkaMN, Copaman, MamaDuck-24, Butcher (yummy burgers, as usual), RustyNails, Grey Wolf, MatildaMay, HollyBerry, Rosebud55112, Packadad, MasterSargeant USMC, BigChiefS4, and last but never least, Tropicalloon. (If I missed anyone - I sincerely apologize!)

A thank you to NewDharma and GatRDone for door prize drawing prize contributions.

Game prizes:

Hangman/Medallion Hunt - for the third year in a row! - Dove of the geocachingvlogger team. 2014 MnGCA Coin

Turkey Shoot - LPGeorge123 - 2014 MnGCA Coin

Creative Cache - best camouflage - joukkusisu
- best craftsmanship - Scott of SCDJLBD
- most creative - Stella of SCDJLBD

Bingo - Trailbuds

A thank you card, Reviewers' coin, and gift certificate were given to the Minnesota reviewers. They are volunteers and work hard! GatRDone and MNFruitcake (not in attendance, his will be mailed to him)

Door prizes were given out. Must be present to win.

At this time the meeting is adjourned.

Group photo was taken with as many members in attendance as possible.

Thank you all for another great event! See you next year.

Respectfully submitted,