Congratulations to Fargnot for creating Quincy Fargnot: The Little Man - July 2014 Cache of the Month

Congratulations Fargnot

The July 2014 Cache of the Month is GC1GTEE: Quincy Fargnot: The Little Man
nominated by TriggerMN

I nominate GC1GTEE, Quincy Fargnot: The Little Man, by Fargnot.

Geotwink and I found this cache a couple of years ago over Labor Day weekend in Bemidji, and it was one of the highlights of our trip. Bring a heavy heart and a brave soul when hunting this one up. There are many Fargnot caches that are "outside the box" brainstorms of his, and this one is no different. As an added bonus, this cache qualifies as a cemetery cache for Boreal Walker's challenge of finding a cemetery cache in 50 different Minnesota counties. If you've found this cache, you understand why!

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