Congratulations to (and Lena) for creating Russ (Ole) Crawford Memorial Geo-Bench - April 2014 Cache of the Month

Congratulations (and Lena)

The April 2014 Cache of the Month is GC30J8Y: Russ (Ole) Crawford Memorial Geo-Bench
Nominated By: AerosmithPA
I would like to (re)-nominate a very meaningful cache, the Russ (Ole) Crawford Memorial Geo-Bench (GC30J8Y) by (and Lena) for Cache of the Month, April, 2014. This cache was nominated in November of 2011, and despite receiving an unheard of FORTY SIX votes, did not win.

Russ Crawford was a pioneer of geocaching in northeastern Minnesota. He also had a very unusual ability to make anyone he met on the trail feel as they were the most important person in the world at that time. Russ always had life adventure stories which were captivating and seemed bigger than life. And though he had a biography which was full of ability and achievement, Russ lived very humbly and preferred to simply be known in his retirement years as "Ole" to the many geocachers he touched.

We all lost Russ very unexpectedly on September 14, 2010. Soon after, his wife "Lena" asked a few of Russ' friends to help her find a location for a memorial bench to be placed in his honor. As discussions went on, the suggestion was made to make the bench an active geocache, and the Russ (Ole) Crawford Memorial Geo-Bench was soon born. I encourage all Minnesota geocachers to make summer plans to come to beautiful Itasca County to take this cache in. Until then, I encourage all to take the time to read the logs associated with this cache, where no one claimed a FTF, but there was an abundance of second to finders, and also enjoy the pictures which are linked to it.