Congratulations to Grey Wolf and Wild Rice for creating Geo-Mob on Bald Eagle Lake (1058) - February 2014 Cache of Month

Congratulations Grey Wolf and Wild Rice!

The February 2014 Cache of the Month is GC4VJKF: Intercache: Geo-Mob on Bald Eagle Lake (1058)

Nominated By: PackaDad
I would like to nominate GC4VJKF Intercache: Geo-Mob on Bald Eagle Lake (1058) for cache of the month.
It is not so much a special cache, but the idea of getting a geo mob together (especially in the middle of winter, although I imagine the summer will be fun too) adds a twist to the geocaching experience. The planning and anticipation prior to getting together to find the cache as well as getting together for the geo mob itself were what makes this cache special, and it has already garnered a significant number of favorite points in the short time since it has been published.

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