General Membership June 1, 2013

The MnGCA 2013 Spring Event was held at Mission Township Park, south of Crosslake on June 1, 2013.

Approximately 55 people were in attendance.

Mrs Mizzou called the general meeting to order at 1:45 pm.

Everyone was thanked for attending. Special thanks were given to the Committee and volunteers: Aix Sponsa, MamaDuck-24, Red_Devil35, AerosmithPA, team_geomonkey, Catzilla, VikingNav, butcherandswimmer for the burgers, and PapaDuck-24 for the grilling.
Mrs. Mizzou reminded people that nominations for the 2013-14 board will be opening soon, and encouraged people to think about making themselves available for one of these positions.
Elections will be held at the Fall Event.
Volunteers are being sought for Field Day activities during the 2013 National Tree Farmer Convention on July 27 in the Isanti area. We will have a demonstration booth and will hide some temporary caches so tree farmers can learn about geocaching and try it out for themselves. Contact Mrs. Mizzou or AerosmithPA if you can help out.
The 2013 MnGCA t-shirts are hot off the press and available for purchase from Mrs. Mizzou.
Travel Bug races award winners: MamaDuck has the prizes for those not in attendance.
Most miles- RyanLisaKayla, 17843.
Most Discovered- JSvetlik, 344.
Most States- BigChiefS4, 10
Most Countries- RyanLisaKayla, 3
Last move (as of 5-25)- msrubble, 5/25.
Fewest miles- loneeagle_24, 0.
Fewest caches- Red_Devil35, 3.
Lost first- Red_Devil35, 5/25/12.
Comments from the membership:
FollowHimJn10:27 suggested a silent auction at events as a possible fundraiser.
lilbeardy suggested Douglas Spruce Hill County Park as a possible location for a future event.
The medallion was found by Tammy12 and lilbeardy (2nd consecutive year).
Turkey shoot was won by Catzilla.
Kick the can:
Kids- lilbeardy
Closest- Catzilla
In square- (Linda S.)
Furthest- nrthlake
Blowdarts was won by jeffrae (Michael).
Creative Cache winners:
Best camo, Sparky & Livewire.
Best craftsmanship, Sparky & Livewire.
Creative cache, Red_Devil35.
Door prizes were then handed out and the meeting ended at 2:10.

Respectfully submitted,