Congratulations to bflentje for creating For Your Eyes Only - May 2013's Cache of the Month

Congratulations bflentje!!!
The May 2013 Cache of the Month is GC47072: For Your Eyes Only

Nominated By: rjr002

We haven't done a huge number of multi caches but this is, in my opinion, the most challenging yet enjoyable multi stage cache I have seen yet. There are twelve stages total and the planning and work that went into this effort is evident right from the start. It also promotes teamwork and camaraderie as you will not be able to complete this one alone.
The entire cache page should be read a few times before attempting to tackle this one, paying close attention to any hints no matter how subtle they may be because some TOTT will be required to complete the stages.
You will be challenged physically and mentally here but you'll love it!

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