Congratulations to Diehard50248 for creating The Troublemaking Spy - 2012's Cache of the Year

Congratulations Diehard50248!!!
The 2012 Cache of the Year is GC3BNZG: The Troublemaking Spy

Nominated for April's Cache of the Month By: dbeitz

I'm pretty new to caching, but I had heard about the MNGCA doing a cache of the month. Well, this morning I did the greatest cache ever and would like to nominate it if I can. The cache is GC3BNZG - The Troublemaking Spy. It was just published yesterday (3/15/2012). It was far and away the greatest cache I have ever seen. It is a multicache in Oakdale. As you can read on the cache page, it is about a treasure left by Doc Addison for his young friends Caroline and Andrew. The craftsmanship by Diehard50248 is amazing. So much time and thought put into this. Only 6 people have done it to this point, and each one has made it a favorite.

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