Congratulations to EskoClimber for creating Highline - December 2012's Cache of the Month

Congratulations EskoClimber!!!
The December 2012 Cache of the Month is GC3EHXK: Highline

Nominated By: Jaklimber

This cache deserves the honor of Cache of the Month for several reasons. It will leave all of its finders with a memorable experience. It gives seekers a sense of real adventure. Though not at all tricky to FIND, the methods of RETRIEVAL are tricky enough to give a real sense of accomplishment to all of its finders. ...and the views of the north woods and river from above are amazing!

My experience with this cache (see my logs) made this cache the highlight of a geocaching trip to the Duluth area. It earned its place at the top of my all-time best geocaching adventures.

Though not everyone has access to the equipment that geocachers have used to retrieve this one, it could be retrieved in a few different ways, so nobody should feel they aren't capable or don't have the equipment they need. If geocaching means adventure to you, I recommend that you keep this one in the back of you mind, develop a plan and make the trip to find one of the best adventure caches in the state - Highline.

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