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Log Of The Day
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King Boreas

Joined: 16 Dec 2002

Posts: 2438
Location: Exploring Minnesota

PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 1:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

jicknarson found RS 100: Born To Run (Traditional Cache) at 6/18/2014

Log Date: 6/18/2014

Oh, yeah - favorite cache of the day, by far!

I had been here before, with Aix sponsa, to find a previous cache in this location. Conditions were different now, and as I approached gz... oh, boy... a 30 ft gulf separated me from my goal. Daisy Duke was over there in no time, but I was still pondering my options. DNF? Heck no, not when I was so close. Off came the hiking boots, the pants were rolled up - and in I went. Anyone near the vicinity knew how I felt about it, as I hooted my pleasure - it felt great! My caching feet appreciated the dip, and waves were not bad enough to sweep me away. I took my time hunting for the cache - no rush, this felt wonderful - but located my target soon enough. The container was floating, but contents were dry. I took the trackable and left something or other, and replaced it as I found it as it seemed to be doing just fine. Made my way back to the vehicle carrying my boots, and with my blood pressure lower by far. Thanks - this was great, and made my day.

Visit this log entry at the below address:

Visit RS 100: Born To Run
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King Boreas

Joined: 16 Dec 2002

Posts: 2438
Location: Exploring Minnesota

PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2014 6:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

AerosmithPA found World Famous Twine Ball (Traditional Cache) at 6/21/2014

Log Date: 6/21/2014

First day of June vacation, I took this weekend to explore areas of Minnesota where I haven't been yet, while focussing my gps onto multi, virtual, and traditional caches which were placed prior to 2005. Although I've been to Darwin and the twineball before, I have never before brought a girl here. Until today.

She was unsure of what to say or do at the twineball. It seemed to go against everything which is easily explained to her, such as "having a purpose". Although the tourism benefits and fame are obvious (I asked her to google "Weird Al Yankovic" as we drove away), how we came to this place of creating such a thing never did click to her.

After admiring the work, locating the cache and logging my geocaching name inside, I sensed it was time to move onto see what the next town in this great State had to offer. Although I believe she still hasn't grasped the full idea of this twineball, or why I brought her here, she did agree to get back into the car with me. Because the alternative of course, was to stay.

Thank you for this cache and the memory.

Visit this log entry at the below address:

Visit World Famous Twine Ball

Wink Very Happy
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Past MnGCA Board

Joined: 26 Apr 2006

Posts: 3090
Location: Practically South Dakota!

PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2014 7:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

AerosmithPA found Buffalo Creek Park (Traditional Cache) at 6/21/2014

Log Date: 6/21/2014
Holy Bloodsuckers Red! Mosquitos are well fed out here! I took this weekend to explore parts of Minnesota that I've never been to before, or have not cached before. Although I was focussed on multis, virtuals, and traditional caches placed prior to 2005, when I found myself in RedDevil country you know I had to search at least one out. Wow, many of the caches around here are in great flood danger, or flooded over right now. As I stood at the nearby river edge while after a nearby multi, my gazes nearly got me into trouble when I suddenly realized I was standing much closer to a snapping turtle than I would choose to be. I'm glad I didn't step on him! Anyway, I'll take the mosquitos at this cache in it's place. No trades, but signed in and replaced as I had found it. Thank you!

Visit this log entry at the below address:

Visit Buffalo Creek Park
"We never seek things for themselves-what we seek is the very seeking of things"-Pascal
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King Boreas

Joined: 16 Dec 2002

Posts: 2438
Location: Exploring Minnesota

PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2014 12:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Cyclone 7 found The Armory (Traditional Cache) at 6/25/2014

Log Date: 6/25/2014

Some of our caching days are more entertaining for the mini mes than others. Sometimes you have to negotiate with them, promising stops at the playground and post trip rewards. Micro caches and stat stuffing power trails are often not their idea of a fascinating treasure hunt. You need, you know, treasure. Then you stumble upon a large container and eyes light up at the promise of toys and trinket trading. Finally a reward for all the times dad drags us around to find the ones he's looking for! This was such a cache and much appreciated by the shorter members of my entourage. And with all the travel bugs to swap and visit it made for much excitement for the tall guy who drives the geobus too!

Visit this log entry at the below address:

Visit The Armory
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Joined: 03 Aug 2007

Posts: 781

PostPosted: Thu Jul 03, 2014 7:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

We write long logs and appreciate the same. Glad to be part of a milestone!!

WeBeTNT found A Little Piece of Eden Prairie History - redoux (Traditional Cache) at 7/2/2014

Log Date: 7/2/2014
On July 3rd, 2013, we started on a journey we honestly weren't sure we were able to complete. had announced that they were going to do a "31 Days of Caching" summer series in August where we would be awarded a souvenir for every day we find a cache in the month of August. Since we had never strung that many days together, we figured we'd "practice" in the month of July to see if we could actually find a cache on days other than the weekends. Since we have full-time careers, finding a cache on a weekday is rare, which is why we thought that we couldn't string more than a couple weeks worth of consecutive finds.

We started out strong over the 4th of July weekend, going out with our friends WildFansKRG and BixbyWild to play some Battleship (GC4AJFT) in southern Minnesota which turned out to be an awesome weekend. After that, we rolled up our sleeves and started planning out which caches we would go after and on which days. By the end of July, we had an unbroken string which gave us confidence to try to get the August souvenirs.

We have to thank TheODellFamily for helping us with our daily caches in August. They published a cache each day in August which we diligently found - sometimes in the dark, and once before a torrential thunderstorm - one for each day they represented. In more than a few cases, we were even able to get an FTF which made the hunt all the more fun. On weekends where we'd go after a few "extras", we'd still make our way to Monticello and find our souvenir cache for the day.

Once August was done, we settled into a routine of wake up, go to work, locate a cache to go after during lunch, finish work, grab that cache, and head home after meeting for dinner along the way. Our planning extended to creating pocket queries along the 494 & 694 routes to help us locate caches near our routes going home. As the season faded from summer to fall, and fall to winter, we adjusted our queries to include "winter friendly" and "found in the last 7 days".

The winter was brutal, not only because of the unreal amounts of snow we had, but because we added another challenge - Find 100 caches per month for 12 consecutive months - to our task list because in our enthusiasm, we had been finding 100 caches each month for the last six months. As a result, December, January, and February were tough. And since February only had 28 days, we really had to work to find 100 - although we liked the fact that it was a short month. There was a lot of serious planning going on which really helped us through it all.

Fast forward to today where we found ourselves parked in the parking lot of one of Eden Prairie's historical buildings. We really didn't know which cache to grab for today, but when we read the description of this cache, we thought a historic site was a good pairing for our historic milestone. While we sat in the car waiting for a bunny to finish it's meal of clover, we chatted about how we really didn't think how we could ever string 365 consecutive days of finds. It's been a long road, but we're really glad we made it - if only for the reason that we don't want to try doing this again until we're both retired (LOL). Seriously, we have no idea how some cachers can string 1200 days of consecutive finds without spending a fortune on gas and footwear.

Thanks to all the cache owners for taking the time to place all these caches and for keeping the game alive and interesting with all the fun containers, sneaky ways to hide a peanut butter jar, and for giving us reasons to learn more about our neighborhoods, parks, and parking lots. This is it - #365! Signed the Log and Thanks For The Cache!
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MnGCA Board

Joined: 25 May 2011

Posts: 249

PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2014 1:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Some German cachers were here in Minnesota for two weeks and found my earthcache in Burnsville. Then, when they return home, the first cache they find in their hometown has one of my travel bugs in it!

Location: Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
DieKnubbels retrieved A Piece of Minnesota (Cachekinz - MNGCA) from Der Grenzgänger an der alten Landwehr at 7/6/2014

Log Date: 7/6/2014
That's a bit scary, the first cache in Germany, after our U.S. trip, includes a Minnesota Travelbug of Copaman. There are no past 14 days, and we were able to sign his earthcache Burnsville Erratic successful.
Greetings to Burnsville from DieKnubbels
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Joined: 14 Jul 2010

Posts: 11

PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2014 8:56 pm    Post subject: Log of the day from WeBeTNT Reply with quote

The Good News: We avenged a DNF.
The Bad News: This probably shouldn't have been a DNF in the first place.

The missus and I were out today doing some easy caching in the air-conditioned comfort of the GeoMobile after spending the last couple days caching in the hot and muggy mosquito breeding grounds known as the "Minnesota Outdoors". We had solved this series prior to winter and saved it for those days when we needed to keep our streak alive. Since we had reached our milestone, we figured it was high time to "clear these areas out".

Everything was going well until we hit this one. I was in charge of leaping out of the car, grabbing the cache, signing the log, replacing the cache, and jumping back into the car to then relax in the air-conditioned coolness while the wife logged the find. Unfortunately, I only successfully completed step one of my tasks - leaping out of the car.

I checked a couple places without any luck. Then I checked a few more. Nope. And then a few more. "C'mon," I thought to myself "how am I not finding this one?" The wife poked her head out as I paused to read some past logs and asked "Need help?" In typical male stubbornness, I waved her off. "I don't think it's here. I've checked both beacons and I'm either blind, or it's not here." (Spoiler alert: It's not the latter.)

So we logged the DNF and went on the finish the remainder of the series. We then decided to head south into Emojiland after grabbing lunch. I could then email the CO and let him know that "S White" might be missing. We had finished lunch and were back in the car when the CO got back to us. To summarize, he said they would swing out and take a look. If it wasn't there, I offered to replace the cache with one I had acquired from "A Rashad". Otherwise, if the cache was there, the CO was welcome to apply the appropriate mocking.

Fast forward a few hours and I receive a text from the CO: "S White is indeed there." I groaned aloud. The wife asks what's wrong. I sigh and say, "Nothing other than Yellowdogs telling me that the cache was there." The wife smirked. "Apparently it was there the whole time." The wife started giggling. "I'm gonna get roasted over this." And the wife started all-out laughing. When I told her that Yellowdogs was offering to "...tie a blue zip tie to the beacon if that would help", I was sure we were going to have an accident because we were laughing so hard.

We exchanged a few more good-natured texts which finished with a promise that we'd get it today. There was also something about us tying a bunch of blue zip-ties to the beacon, but we had pulled them from our bag so that will have to wait for another day.

Once done in Emojiland, we drove back to GZ and parked in the same spot as before. I got out, walked to the beacon and... didn't find it. My shoulders slumped. I circled the beacon and *still* couldn't find it. By this time, the wife had gotten out of the car and was coming to help while I kept looking...

Side note: Right now, the CO is probably reading this log and asking "How could he *not* have found it?!? I *told* him right where it was! See, I *should* have tied a blue zip-tie to it!"

...and that was when the wife said "Honey, here it is." I turned to see her holding the cache out for me to see. She was doing well to control her mirth, but I totally deserved it. I looked through the texts I exchanged with the CO and sure enough, it was right where he said it would it would be and where the wife had found it. (CO: See???)

I let out a heavy sigh as the wife extracted the log for me to sign, and then replaced it just as she had found. On the way back to the car, the wife put things into perspective. "Just remember: you solved the puzzles, we got the smileys, and you gave Yellowdogs a good laugh. I'd call that a good day." And then she added "And it's not like this will be the last cache you completely blow, right?"

I gotta admit, she has a point. TFTC! Smile
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Joined: 08 Oct 2011

Posts: 208

PostPosted: Tue Jul 08, 2014 8:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I just received this one from the weekend. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard....[/url]
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Boreal Walker

Joined: 14 Aug 2008

Posts: 224

PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2014 8:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Location: Minnesota, United States
TriggerMN found Jonathon Tree (Traditional Cache) at 7/14/2014

Log Date: 7/14/2014
#9000 Bang! Turn that frowny upside down. Made a drive by last summer in shorts and the itchweed made me rip the skin off my legs. Made another attempt with a 22 foot tool (heh, my wife does that all the time) in a blizzard, toting it uphill both ways, still to come away empty handed. What's the best way to stop a river of running DNF's? Head it off at the source. I had the source meet me at the park today along with his own tools (can only hope my wife stays true to me) and we headed our convoy off for a wet, cool walk. I was certainly awed by the CO. What can't the guy do? Apparently he can even cut glass with his nipples. I had to remind him not to turn sharply at a 90 degree angle, as I was not wearing my safety glasses. I didn't want to lose an eye. Finally after a number of twists and turns, we made our way to ground zero. The first thing Mr. Walker says is, "Oh...that's not a 1/4 anymore!" No $h!t, Sherlock. That's why it would be safer to jump off the Empire State Building onto a bicycle missing the seat. I wasn't going there. However, because he is more than just an average man, he said F it and did the deed anyways. It's good to have friends. Sometimes. I guess. Thanks. I think. No really. Fortunately the CO agreed not to change the D/T settings like some Delta Bravos do with their caches. I needed that 1/4. Thanks for the adventure. I never knew you could make my pants so wet.
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Joined: 07 May 2009

Posts: 86

PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 9:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

We are getting some good logs from our new caches:

Sharknosed Bunnies:

"FTF The cache should be pretty easy to find until the next rain. You can just follow my blood trail. Unfortunately for me, I read the description for this cache on the way from Muggle Repelent, and of course no FTF hunter worth his salt would turn back because of silly warnings about not wearing shorts and a t-shirt to a cache.

It's not like you didn't try to hit me over the head with cautionary advice. I mean, you even named the cache with a dire warning. Of course, that would have only helped if I had read the cache title before I was on my way back to my car after finding it. In my defense, though, I was taking a long afternoon nap when these caches got published, so I wasn't the most mentally alert after waking up. I just headed out for ground zero following my usual belief that coordinates are king, and details like hints and cache titles and descriptions can all be sorted out if needed.

But yeah, I sure wish I read the cache title before heading out to this one. I paid the price on the way in and on the way out. Thankfully, I made a super quick find once I got to ground zero. I was certain I was in the wrong place, but caught just a tiny flash of the cache from one angle, and bingo, there it was! This was a good thing, because I'm pretty sure I was on the verge of passing out from blood loss to mosquitoes and the friendly flora, of which there is plenty. I put things back as found, then donated more blood to Ymir on the way back to the trail.

On the plus side, I was no longer sleepy! Thanks for the fun cache and adventure! (8181)"

And then mikedeotis:

"Dante's Inferno! is right! I had my jacket off, trying to dry it from the other cache of yours as I walked along the path. Left right, left right! Left right and the gps said that I had PASSED the cache. But where OH where was the path to the cache? The vegetation seemed impenetrable! Well, I came for the cache and you didn't say it would be easy. Back on went my jacket and I flipped the hood up too. I smashed into the weeds and bounced back. I needed to try another spot. I tried again and this time I got through, wherever that was. This area was so dense that even the bugs didn't want to be there. With each step I took, branches of all sizes poked, scraped and wacked me at every turn. Three times around gz and.....NOTHING! I was now on my hands and knees with the sweat dripping off the tip of my nose and the thought of sitting in that air conditioned car sounded mighty good! Leave or stay....I glanced down at me gps and for the first time in a long time, it said 0 feet. HA! Like I believe that! That's when I saw the cache! "Yaahoo!" I shouted. I hoped there was no one passing by on the path when I shouted. I'm afraid of what they would think. Thanks for the crazy hide! Good Times! TFTCSL"
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