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August 2005 COTM -- VOTE HERE

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Which cache should be the August 2005 Cache of the Month?
Pull My Finger ! by Paklid
 36%  [ 7 ]
Mr. Smiley Returns with Gadgets by IBCrashen
 36%  [ 7 ]
Coleman Lake Cache by ckflentje
 10%  [ 2 ]
Constance Doty Memorial Geocache by NPL Staff and Board
 15%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 19

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Pear Head
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2005 9:18 pm    Post subject: August 2005 COTM -- VOTE HERE Reply with quote

I know this is a couple of days early, however I will be away from the computer for a while, so I wanted to get the nominations posted now. If you were planning on nominating a cache for the August COTM then please submit it anyway - we can use it for the September COTM.

Here are the nominations in the order they were received (thanks to those that nominated this month!):

Pull My Finger! by Paklid
nominated by Buzzygirl

I give a hearty two thumbs-up to Paklid’s “Pull My Finger!”. Unlike some of the caches I’ve seen nominated for COTM, this one is neither difficult to find nor approach. The reason I am nominating this one is just for the FUN factor alone. I nearly fell over when I found it. I just couldn’t believe the cleverness which went into this cache’s design. I actually had to study it for a short while to figure out how Paklid did it.

Paklid’s caches have been some of my favorite, because the ones I have found have elicited hearty laughter. If you want a fun, easy find that is guaranteed to make you smile, bring along the family and friends to this one.

Mr. Smiley Returns with Gadgets by IBCrashen
Nominated by Early Starts

I would like to nominate Mr. Smiley Returns with Gadgets by IBCrashen for cache of the month.

Even though I have yet to find the final cache, it is already one of the best caches I have seen. This night only cache is creative and very unique.

My last DNF log:

Caching on the 4th of July with Proton, Proton 3D, Vanima&Nash. We watched the fireworks from up near Enger Tower and when they were over, we headed over for this one. The extremely pregnant geo-wife and Uncle Adam came along too but Andy stayed in the van and went to sleep with grandma.
We all headed out with flashlights and head lamps along with our GPS units and plenty of extra batteries. We picked up where we left off the other night and saw that the “raging torrent of water” was now just a trickle. It still took us about an hour of wandering around in the dark woods in the middle of the night to find the next clue. That got us going and we quickly found Smiley and some of his gadgets.

There is much more to this cache than a normal cache. The first gadget area we went to was the “audio” portion of the evening. We needed the entire group around to be able to figure it out. Very cool idea! We were huddled around that gadget for some time. Make sure to bring some note paper and a pen with you on this hunt. I am glad we never found it during the last trip because of all of the rain. This cache should not be done in the rain.

Next we found another smiley gadget after wandering around in the woods for a while (every once and a while someone yelling “ouch” when the tripped on a log). This gadget was also way cool. It took a bit for us to figure out how to use it since it didn’t work the way the instructions said. Oh yeah, it took us a little bit to decode the instructions but I figured that one out. Anyway, we even changed batteries in the gadget (luckily Proton had some AAAs in his headlamp) trying to get it to work. Finally we figured out what we were doing wrong. The batteries were fine but a setting was not where it should have been. We all had fun playing with this nighttime gadget. We reset it correctly for the next finder. Nice hide on this gadget by the way. Great container too!

The next smiley gadget we found had us going in circles! We finally figured it out after we found a surprise in the area. Nice job! Another cool gadget. Very neat idea for a cache! We couldn’t find a way to shut this gadget off at the end and hope that it shuts off on its own.

The last smiley we found tonight had a gadget that had lost battery power. As IB mentioned, the information it provides is not needed to finish the cache. Unfortunately, we none of us had the type of batteries it needed and we were not able to play with it. It looked like yet another very cool gadget so we were bummed we couldn’t try it out.

If we figured out the next waypoints correctly, (and that is a big IF) they did not put us in walking distance. We headed back out of the woods and found grandma not very happy with us at all for ditching her in the van for hours while we wandered around in the woods. When she found out that we were not done yet, she thought we were definitely certifiably crazy.

We tried to find entry to the next area but could not. Either we have the wrong coordinates or we couldn’t find the entry point in the dark. The area we were in was definitely a possibility. We will have to try this out again another time.

Go and try this cache out while it is still here! It won’t be around this winter to try out. It is one of the best caches I have seen and it needs to have all 5 stars for difficulty. Great cache!

Coleman Lake Cache by ckflentje
Nominated by Marsha and Silent Bob

Looking for a cache to do with Marsha and the dog I decided to go after one that had received some glowing reviews from quite a few finders and was in an area I really hadn’t had a lot of opportunity to explore before.

We loaded the coordinates, got the camera, grabbed the hiptop, and loaded the dog into the backseat. Autorouting led me to a gated road (Irvine) so we parked on a street nearby and walked down the steep slope to the bottom. The lake was slightly flooded and starting to creep across the trail. The dog dragged me through it forcing Marsha to follow suit.

On the other side we found ourselves in deep woods that almost made you forget that I-35W was only a short distance away. We made our way through the twisty mountain biking trails and soon came across the outlet to Nine Mile Creek which included “the raft” talked about on the cache page. After watching some kids fishing nearby use the raft I went and found the cache.

I loved that the cache itself was quite “old-school” and was an ammo can in a beautiful area. I spent some time ensuring that the rising water wouldn’t make it to the container and took some photos. I rejoined Marsha and the dog and we made our way across Nine Mile Creek on the raft and walked for another mile or so before turning around and heading home.

With so many newer caches returning to their roots and showing up as ammo boxes and other clever smalls and regulars, my faith is growing that we may just be able to eliminate needless micros!

For pictures check out my pics here (hosted by Silent Bob)

Constance Doty Memorial Geocache by NPL Staff and Board
Nominated by TwentySeven

Dutch27 and I planned to do a few geocaches one hot summer afternoon before meeting friends at Lake Mazaska for an afternoon of kneeboarding. We meet at the Northfield Public Library to start doing Constance Doty Memorial Geocache GCNNFH by NPL Staff and Board aka Unixrat.

My Son, Daughter, and dog came with us. Unfortunately Kopy had to wait outside. The kids took turns watching the dog and helping us work in finding the cache. This is a great one to do with the family. Even the ones that don’t really like geocaching, like my daughter, will enjoy this as she did. We thought it was going to be an in and out geocache, WRONG. We had to work for it. You need to find the 1st clue when you walk in, after that; you are presented with a bit of a puzzle, some research, and math to find where the final cache is located. It took us a bit over an hour to complete. All needed materials are there and there is the librarian to ask if you are completely lost. They will not tell you were it is, but will help you on the part that is giving you trouble. This cache was thought out very well and must have taken a long time to make the appropriate materials, do the research, and get approval from the library staff.

This is the best handicap accessible geocache I have ever seen. All activity is done in the building and there are elevators. This is a great cache to put on your list for extreme weather, it is climate controlled. Therefore, no bugs, ticks, sweating, or freezing your fingers and toes, and you stay dry. (There is a shelter in case of tornados too ) The A/C felt good on a 92 degree July afternoon.

When you come to Northfield, plan on using the tools you were taught in your grade school library!
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