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An adventure between Swamp Thing and McCullough Park

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King Boreas

Joined: 16 Dec 2002

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 23, 2003 6:55 pm    Post subject: An adventure between Swamp Thing and McCullough Park Reply with quote

Garrett and I decided to take an adventure and go due north from the Swamp Thing cache. Through the swamp. Very slow going, trying to avoid getting soaked. Here was the interesting part, though. When we got half way to the cache... in the middle of the swamp, emerged a strange man who was walking slowly without shoes on in the swamp. Yes, you heard me right. In a swamp, wearing socks. He started conversing with us, and he was very... um... gone. He lit a cigarette and started talking about, slowly, and sometimes broken "oh, that GPS thing, I found them all. And I don't even have a GPS. The one you're looking for is right here... but they took it." (even though we were still 250 meters away from the cache site) He later wandered off very slowly and layed down in the middle of the swamp. Very strange. Anyway, once we got near him, we quickly ducked into the trees and got to the main park area. Bizarre. Our feet got soaked from all the running about in the swamp. Anyway, when we got to the cache we left a travel bug and took the deck of cards... fun adventure!!!! (although I don't recommend going the route we took - follow the directions as to where to park above!)

E-Mail details:

There are more details from that story that I left out to a) make it
shorter and b) to make it safe for younger audiences or those easily
offended. (i.e. no direct drug references and vulgarity not included)

He was very certainly high, and we were guessing it was something
harder than weed - we weren't sure what, we had not seen a guy high
this specific way before. Perhaps it was a /lot/ of very good weed...
we don't generally partake in that sort of stuff so we couldn't tell.
His face was all blushed and his eyes were incredibly dilated. He moved
with a very slow demeanor and was easily amused. He did have a bike and his shoes about 50 meters out of the swamp, and after we found the
cache we did see him bike very slowly away. We ducked in the trees so
he wouldn't see us, as he was previously insistent that he follow us to
the cache. We both were amazed that he could ride the bike. And yes, he
did lay down IN THE SWAMP... only for a minute or two, though.

Kinda freaked us out, but end for good laughs and a story in the end.
There was a point where he was talking so weird that we debated
intentionally going the wrong direction so we'd lose him earlier.

So yeah, feel free to post it if you'd like - send me a link to it if
you do, if that's possible. You can include the above tidbits if they
are appropriate.
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Past MnGCA Board

Joined: 23 Mar 2003

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 23, 2003 7:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

After KB forwarded the comments to the forum, I figured now was finally the time I should get an account on this UBB. I should say out of the 58 or whatever caches I've done now, this was by far the strangest experience. One of the risks of doing the off-the-trail caching, though. Wink Quite an adventure. My shoes are still soaked. Wish I took photos of the man... we took photos 5 minutes before we saw him, as we thought we were crazy mucking about deep in the middle of a swamp on Ramsey County's public land.
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