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Does MnGCA Have Reason To Be Defensive?

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 31, 2005 12:18 pm    Post subject: Does MnGCA Have Reason To Be Defensive? Reply with quote

Let me begin with one viewpoint of Geocaching that dogs every state organization to some extent; especially a large metro area with its numerous parks. To cut to the bottomline chase this disparging view represents a sizeable portion of geocachers ~ at least 10% and possibly more. It only takes a few to ruin the due diligence of others.

Dog Gone Image ~ Even Ed Hall (Buxley) is quoted as saying, "OK, OK, I admit it. I'm an adult and still play with LEGO. A lot." IN 2003, Nola Cutts, co-chairman of the state Geocaching Assc. was quoted saying, "My husband thinks its the most moronic sport ever." And some park officials feel that there resides a kind of fanaticism that bothers park officials; who say geocaching leads to geotrashing." Again ~ It only takes a small percentage of geocachers to give the sport an occasional black eye.

What purpose is being served by being so defensive? Does it do more to help or hurt the sport? As an example let's take a closer look at some comments made by sui generis. He is an attorney and knows that frivolous lawsuits won't entirely disappear. Also, what is frivolous to one party may be very, very non-frivolous to others. So let's take a real life example.

Example One: A family is enjoying a nice day of geocaching. After looking for some time without success the son decides to climb a tree to look in a hollow part of a branch and falls breaking his neck as he is about to retrieve a micro cache. An attorney later argues that the cache location wasn't easily accessible and is unsafe. In sui generis' words he says, "If you are unable to do a cache because it is too high, too slippery, too hard, (insert favorite when here), then turn around and find another cache. We are not your baby sitter. By your logic, every cache should be wheel chair accessable. This is why we have terrain ratings. Go find another hobby." Is that an appropritate defense?

Example Two: With regard to the birdhouse cache sui generis is quoted as saying, "The birdhouse caches I have seen are designed in such a way that they are really uneuseable by birds. False backs, etc." Is this just so much malarky by sui generis? I really wonder how many other cache containers he has even come across when he says, "These are not really bird houses, so much as cache containers designed to LOOK like bird houses." Would you care to mention a couple or is that privy information?

Example Three: Because there is a certain percentage of addicted or obsessive geocahcers they can easily become preoccupied with the hunt. I think we would admit that we all tend to become very focused and preoccupied with the chase as we close in on the target area. If your son or daughter were along and fell to their death or was severly injured falling off the east end of Barn Bluff in the vicinity of the cache location would sui generis still use mockery. If we would be honest (and maybe that's the biggest downfall) we would admit that most of us are guilty of at least one stupid geocaching mistake that hurts the entire sport. Can the sport really afford to take the risk without at least spelling out that there are some specific safety issues with regard to children?

Well, that about sums up my two cents worth. I won't add anymore to this thread, but I eagerly await your diversity of viewpoints as it will paint a picture of the membership mindset of Minnesota Geocaching.
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