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Volunteers for the formation of committee(s)

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Pear Head
Past MnGCA President

Joined: 04 Apr 2004

Posts: 5833

PostPosted: Tue Jan 23, 2007 6:19 pm    Post subject: Volunteers for the formation of committee(s) Reply with quote


The board is looking for assistance from you, the MnGCA members and website users, in forming two committees, a CITO event committee and a Spring Event committee. You do not need to be a MnGCA member to be part of these committees.

The charters for both are listed below. The signup period ends on Feb 6. You can sign up PMing myself, emailing the board, or posting here.

If you have any questions, please post them here.


MnGCA 2007 International CITO Day Committee

1.  Event Committee Composition
   a. The committee should consist of at least 5 individuals
   b. MnGCA membership is not a requirement to serve on the Committee
      i. Anyone is welcome to serve on a committee
      ii. Website access is required to access the Committee forum
      iii. MnGCA events are open to anyone, regardless of membership status
   c. Committee members must be able devote the appropriate time for planning
      i. Committee members must be able to attend the event.
      ii. Reasonable considerations for emergency conflicts are understood
d. The Committee will have a private forum for their use in coordinating the event
e. A Committee Chair must be selected within seven (7) days following the committee closing date
i. The committee chairperson will be responsible for communication with the MnGCA Board
   ii. Progress reports will include milestones established/accomplished
   iii. Requests for funding should be made within 60 days of the event

2.  Committee Purpose and Responsibilities
a. The committee is responsible for planning and executing an MnGCA sponsored event to commemorate International CITO Day on April 14th, 2007.
   b. The committee will select a location(s) for the event
i. The event(s) will be located on public land within the state of Minnesota and free from access fees unless a fee waiver is negotiated.
      ii. Municipal, State, or Federal properly may be considered
iii. The primary CITO Event will be located within a reasonable commuting distance of the Minneapolis metropolitan area.
(1) Satellite events can be established by the committee or subcommittees
(2) These events should coincide with the MnGCA Primary Event
(3) Satellite events must have their own cache page and GC.Com waypoint
iv. The committee must make contact with a responsible manager/director of the park or recreation area
   (1) Inform them of our event
   (2) Meet any requirements for permission for the gathering
   (3) Negotiate possible sponsorship or support for the event
   c. The committee will prepare information for the CITO Event cache page
i. A member of the committee will be responsible for providing a Board member with the information needed on the cache page
ii. The cache should be submitted for approval no later than 60 days prior to the event
d. The committee may plan a social event or geocaching at the conclusion of the park clean-up portion of the event
   i. Standard rules for temporary caches will be adhered to
ii. Suitable facilities for the event should be considered (shelter, restrooms, etc.)
   iii. Schedule of events should be developed and published

4. Funding and Sponsorship
   a. There should be no cost for event attendance and credit on
i. If social time or refreshments are planned, reasonable accommodations may be considered.
   (1) Meal cost per person or per group
   (2) Pot Luck (Bring a dish to share)
   (3) Other creative solution determined by the committee
b. The committee must determine how to fund the event.
i. The committee may establish the need for participants to provide their own supplies for the event (trash bags, gloves, etc.).
ii. The committee may choose to obtain sponsorship from a commercial or retail entity to defray costs of the event
iii. The committee may submit a reasonable request for MnGCA funding no later than 60 days prior to the event

4.  Additional Information
a. Facilities for removal of collected trash should be made.
i. Event may generate more trash than facilities on site may be able to handle the ability to transport and drop off trash at a suitable location must be arranged
b. Publicity.
   i. Pictures of the event are encouraged but not required
ii. The committee will publish an article following the event to the MnGCA website
   iii. Media may be invited to cover the event.

5. Committee Dissolution
a. The committee chair will disband the committee when the following conditions are met:
      i. The event has concluded
ii. All trash and debris collected during the event has been properly disposed of
      iii. All indebtedness with regard to the event has been satisfied
      iv. The article has been written for the MnGCA website
b. The MnGCA Board will be notified that all of the above conditions have been met and the committee disbanded.

MnGCA 2007 Spring Event Committee Charter

1.  Event Committee Setup
     a.  Should include no less than 5 cachers
     b.  You must be willing to commit 100%
          i.  Must attend the event
     c.  Will have a private forum to communicate in
     d.  Anyone is welcome to be on the committee regardless of membership status
          i.  MnGCA Events are open to everyone
     e.  Final choices must be presented to the Board prior to moving forward
          i.  At least two possible location/date choices
     f.  A Committee Chair must be chosen within 7 days following the Committee closing date
             i.  the Chair is responsible for Board<->Committee communications
2.  Choose a Location
     a.  Must be in the State of Minnesota
     b.  Should be outside the Twin Cities metro area (outstate)
     c.  DNR controlled lands (State Parks, etc) may be considered
         i. possible access fees for those attending
     d.  It should have, on premises or nearby, sufficient camping/lodging for 30 to 35 people
         i.  This should include hotels for those that do not like to camp
        ii.  Nearby restaurants for those that want to camp but not cook
     e.  It should include a covered shelter that is able to be reserved or held for our General Meeting
         i.  This should be large enough to comfortably support ~50 people
     f.  Physically visit each possible location
         i.  Verify that they are indeed acceptable for the needs of the event
3.  Timeline
     a.  Should take place in mid-May through mid-June
     b.  Monthly committee status updates must be submitted to the Board on the 30th of every month
     c.  Date needs to be set, location chosen, and cache page created
          i.  no less than 60 days in advance of the event date
         ii.  cache page is to be submitted to the Board for submission to
4.  Cost
     a.  Costs associated with the event should be considered
          i.  there are limited funds available for location reservations, permits, etc
5.  Temporary caches
     a.  The park should be large enough for 10 to 15 temps
          i.  They should be a mix of different types of caches
              1.  micros, multis, regulars, and large caches
         ii.  They should be placed in advance of group arrival
              1.  If time permits, coordinates should be made available in GPX/LOC format for attendees
     b.  The temporaries should be removed before everyone leaves
6.  Food
     a.  Determine an acceptable method for a Saturday lunch
          i.  Donations
         ii.  Potluck
        iii.  Other
     b.  Be on hand to facilitate the food distribution if necessary
     c.  The MnGCA may fund all or part of the food costs
         i.  Other donations should be considered first.
7.  Door prizes
     a.  Donations
          i.  Membership
         ii.  Third parties

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Pear Head
Past MnGCA President

Joined: 04 Apr 2004

Posts: 5833

PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2007 10:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Reminder that today is the last day to sign up.
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