2013 coins

Order your 2013 MnGCA coins here!

Your first decision will be to pick up your order at an event or have it shipped to you. The order form will calculate your shipping for you. It is generally $2.00 for the first coin, and $0.35/coin for each additional coin. International shipping will need to be figured separately (email the Treasurer rather than using the Paypal form).

There are two coins available, one in a gold and one in a black nickel finish. If you have any questions about the coins you can check out the forum coin thread. If you have any ordering questions please contact the Treasurer by going here and picking "Treasurer" under category.

For each type of item you want select 'Add to cart'. If you wish to order multiples of the same item you will be able to do that once you reach the 2nd page of the order form. From that 2nd page of the order form, you will be able to return to the list of items to order, or remove items from your 'cart'. Once you are finished with your order, click the orange 'check out' button. Shipping will be calculated at this point, if you have entered your zip code.

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